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Depression Clinical depression symptoms are very easy to find once you know what to look for. There are many different kinds of clinical depression symptoms, but when seen together it can make diagnosing clinical depression fairly easy. Manic depression symptoms are very different from clinical, and in some cases are the complete opposite. A manic depressive will have many outward symptoms that do not correspond with the clinical ones. Examples Of Clinical Depression Symptoms There are some obvious signs that a person may suffer from clinical depression. The first is an obvious feeling of sadness and gloom. Just being sad though is not really enough to be considered clinically depressed. In association with that a person will also have feelings of no self worth that can appear to be impossible to overcome. These feelings are not able to be overcome and become oppressive. In addition to those feelings, a person will have a tough time finding joy in anything that they do. Even tasks that at one point that they found to be enjoyable will now become a chore. This has a double effect because as the person feels sadder and sadder there is nothing that they can do to cheer themselves up. In addition to these emotional clinical depression symptoms there will be some physical symptoms as well. Most people that are clinically depressed will either lose or put on weight. While some people will find comfort and satisfaction in eating and do it to a point of obesity, others find the act of eating to be to difficult to overcome. They will avoid food and let themselves go to waste. Both of these conditions only help to contribute to the condition. By not eating a person does not have the energy to overcome their situation. By becoming fat a persons feelings of self worth and energy levels can drop to an all time low. Another clinical depression symptom is any kind of pain that is un treatable. This can range through a variety of things from headaches, to joint pain, to stomach ache. Regardless of where the actual pain lies there is no cure or treatment that will work. Generally physicians will prescribe pain killers as treatment, but unfortunately these will only exasperate the condition making it far worse. People who are showing clinical depression symptoms are much more likely to become addicted to pain killers and can find it nearly impossible to come off of them. Also, prescription pain killers can be an almost too convenient way to cause serious harm if not death. Physicians need to be very careful when giving out these prescriptions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: