Eleven must-have Seo Tools (that The Professionals Suggest)-ssdao

SEO Tools have sprouted up from engineers, hackers, wanna-be SEO’s and legimate Search Engine Optimization companies. Many are free, and very good. But, the fact is – you don’t have to be an engineer to run them. Our compiled list below is used daily by professionals and newer users alike. Start putting these tools to use and see how they impact your own online business. #1 – Ranking Analysis This tool can unveil extremely valuable information on how you can break into the top 10 search engine positions. Check it out at this url .www.webuildpages.com/cool-seo-tool/ #2 – Sitemaps xml-sitemaps.com, they have created a sitemap generator that enables you to create a xml sitemap for Google and a text-based sitemap for Yahoo. In addition, the generator can also create an optional HTML sitemap for human visitors. Go to .www.xml-sitemaps.com for step-by-step instructions on how to get started. .www.highwebsiterankings.com/site-map/ is an extension to the tool above. We also like www.sitemapdoc.com – a little buggy though. Make sure to create an account in Google and Yahoo, and get the Sitemap into those administration control systems. #3 – Keywords Analysis For a keyword tool that has it all, go to .tools.seobook.com/general/keyword/ #4 – Keyword Rankings This tool allows you to track numerous keyword rankings like # backlinks, #pagerank and #daily, weekly and monthly changes in your rankings. Take control of your search engine rankings at .www.digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords/ #5 – Link Harvesting Link Harvester is open source, so web masters are free to share it and developers are free to improve upon it. Do your own link analysis at .www.linkhounds.com/link-harvester/ #6 – PPC, Reports, Link Partners & More * perform keyword mining * use Web site analysis to improve your rankings * create link popularity reports * quickly and easily find potential link partners * use automated, semi automated, and guided submission to search engines and directories * manage your PPC campaigns * analyze your search engine rankings. This is the grand-daddy of all tools: webceo.com. Free SEO Tool download, desktop edition. #7 – Page Strength Relative importance of pagestrength .www.seomoz.org/tools/page-strength.php #8 – Link Popularity We like www.urltrends.com for beginners. #9 – Alexa Rank .www.seochat.com/seo-tools/alexa-rank-comparison/ and make sure you download the alexa toolbar. #10 – Keywords Density Analysis .www.webconfs.com/keyword-density-checker.php #11 (bonus) – SEO tool or not? Not. But, it is very useful in determining the geographic location of an IP address using a bit of AJAX and Google Maps. .www.seomoz.org/ip2loc/ip2loc.php About the Author: Jon Rognerud is a recognized authority on the subject of SEO and Internet Marketing, and has spent over 10 years developing websites and marketing solutions for companies like Overture and Yahoo. His site, .www.microsaw.com, provides a wealth of informative search marketing articles and more.. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: