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Eddie Peng eventually into acting to let a lot of people in front of the eyes – the latest one in the Mekong River action, so many viewers in front of a bright. Several small partners Tong Tong was also moved, in particular, Eddie Peng burst table man gas, so that the kelp mung bean sand and the hearts of girls are flooding. In contrast, with "sparrow" and "rouge" as Dongyu Zhou and Zhao Liying PA screen, performance is mixed. Entertainment Tong Q& A Q: "Mekong River" in the Eddie Peng is really a man burst table! How is he from meat now evolved into acting? (North South) A said: only a little of it, before the interview Eddie Peng Jun kelp asked him whether resist over the Mekong River in the "action" is similar to India uncle style, his answer let you think yourself kelp this question is a bit retarded: if I am to play "the Mekong River action" it is not. So (it) not what to say. Like the character, just try to do a good job." If other small meat can do the role of first, Yan value second, then they to acting school a step forward. (kelp mung bean sand) Q: Eddie Peng this time in the "Mekong River" in the performance of the prize is not possible? A: "the Mekong River action" now the reputation and box office momentum, the audience pay plus is the theme of the film, with the year of the "tiger" is very similar, in several domestic awards is very competitive. Eddie Peng this is a supporting actor, take the best supporting actor extremely high possibility. Eddie Peng is not a simple vase, strong plasticity, these two years in Lin Chaoxian’s works are very well crafted. But he has been a finalist, almost never took acting award, if this can be a component of the gains award, is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for him. (A Zi) Q: "rouge" can be regarded as the transformation of the work of the Zhao Liying do? (Lolita) A: Zhao Liying in "rouge" is indeed eye-catching performance, beauty, good, excellent acting. There is no identity, and "Zhen no biography" born? "The little Lord" Tao Xinran drama, "senior" Lu Yi well-matched in strength; and acting on the show, also seems to be a better account for the same file; compared with the "sparrow", is also a spy drama, play the same agent, is known as a transformation one of the small, apparently to a high rank. Zhao Liying in an interview saying that there may be very reasonable: "fans, spectators, brokers more love I silly white a little sweet, but people are not always confined in a situation, I hope that the audience can see my growth!" Looks like she did it. (second) Q: "in July and she" felt that Dongyu Zhou’s acting is really a big surprise, but then she starred in "the sparrow", how is paralysis? (A): an actor’s performance is good or bad, in addition to their own self-cultivation, the director is also a very important factor. "In July and she", in order to let the two actress played more natural, director and producer of the script to adapt to constantly adjust the actors, the actors performed in the most comfortable state, so to some extent, Dongyu Zhou is in his own. As for the sparrow…… Kelp Jun can only say, left a good guide相关的主题文章: