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Eason Chan nest concert ending Tony Leung Nicholas Tse to watch the Sina entertainment Eason Chan [micro-blog] "Eason" s LIFE "continuation and upgrade the" Another Eason "concert s LIFE" after 19 months, sing at home and abroad more than 50 city, eventually came to Beijing in October 21, the bird’s nest, 22 days of singing. Although the day before the autumn rain, the enthusiasm of fans did not because the cold autumn decreased, said the organizers compass culture nest concert two 120 thousand tickets were sold out in advance. Scene sixty thousand fans and Eason together with the enthusiasm of the city. Eason show in Beijing said before the concert exceptionally tight, tense because of hope to all who came to a perfect night, leaving a little regret the end of this round the world tour concert. For this concert is a bit more complex emotions, both looking sad, feel the live fans can see Eason for the concert is very rigorous, hope to all the fans are not the same as "Another Eason" s LIFE ", also hope the fans can feel the good intentions of Eason. Eason Chan for the final concert in Beijing is very important, in the rehearsal of the more stringent requirements of the team, and strive to be able to complete each of the most perfect attitude, does not appear to be a little defective. A little adjustment in the selection and arrangement of the song, in the shape of more is slightly changed, the concert performed total of nearly 30 songs, all with Eason especially carefully Beijing fans pick arrangement, in good faith, the day before the show will be decided by the song. Yesterday’s Encore "I DO", "don’t talk", "the brightest star", "ten years", "road has been", "chameleon", "time", "fear of death" and other ship. Fit concert "life" theme selection to fans moved at the same time, also to guide the audience to Redigest a life of joy and sorrow and joy in music. "Eliminated", "sunset infinite good", "not simply", "Mt Fuji commitment", "Sharon" hits Megamix full chorus, the night of the bird’s nest into a sixty thousand person chorus of super KTV. Shoulder dance, mechanical dance, dance, dance staged reflection wave. The choreography was so difficult that Eason, a veteran of the stage, was a little nervous before coming on stage, for fear of not being perfect. Eason Chan’s circle of friends Tony Leung [micro-blog], [micro-blog],,, [micro-blog], and so on also rushed to the scene to feel the audio visual feast. It is worth mentioning that, on the same day in Beijing, Eason distinguished predecessors, Jacky Cheung also launched a new round of his world tour concert performances. After the end of the concert at the press conference, Eason Chan salute to seniors at the same time, he also said that their own efforts to learn, to end their own concert. I hope I can have the opportunity to feel the charm of his site. That is, to share their feelings of the end of a round of tour, said the enthusiasm of the fans is the most interactive tour started their own相关的主题文章: