During the eleven Harbin criminal cases decreased by 60% with no great traffic accident adobe gamma

During the eleven Harbin criminal cases fell 60% no significant traffic accident report from our correspondent (reporter Shi Dongxuwen Zheng Yu Chang) during the national day, Harbin public security organs and 15000 police officers, armed police and fire officers and patrol auxiliary police to give up the rest, on the job. According to statistics, from at 0:00 on October 1st as of press time, the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a public alarm call 45690 passengers, 34334 passengers to provide consulting; reports of criminal cases declined by 62% over the same period last year, the occurrence of fire accidents decreased by 7.7% over the same period last year 13. Harbin Road traffic safety situation is generally stable, without a road traffic accident, relative to the same period last year, more than half of the number of accidents and casualties were declined steadily. In addition, during the national day, Harbin fire department inspected social unit 689, found hidden 477, rectification hidden 412, three stop unit 2, a fine of 20 thousand yuan, the inspection found the fire hazard and fire violations, Harbin fire situation steadily. During the national day of the central street patrol police, Public Security Bureau police over the leadership class, strengthen the hotels, hotels, entertainment venues and check the "yellow gambling" to combat remediation efforts, to prevent the occurrence of major cases, endangering social security, the adverse impact of the accident. During this period, police were dispatched more than 220 people (Times), check the Harbin hotels, bath, karaoke, game rooms and other places more than 620 industries, destroyed the use of game machine gambling dens 2, seized and destroyed the gambling game machine 16, arrested 15 suspects of illegal gambling, to ensure that the National Day period for social security stable. In Harbin immigration hall for business "eleven" period, for the majority of applicants to facilitate the work, learning in the field of home use opportunities for immigration, household registration, chariotest pipe business, each service window to give up the rest, for business as usual. According to statistics, Harbin entry-exit management departments of the reception hall, dispatching more than 100 people, welcome the masses of 1500 people, for all kinds of documents 827 cards, an increase of 25.5%. Among them, the passport 376 card, Hong Kong and Macao pass card 305 times, Taiwan pass card 146 times. At the same time, all levels of immigration window is also actively carry out civilized travel through a series of promotional activities, video playback, counseling, manual and other forms of publicity "Chinese outbound tourism civilization action guide", and actively create a strong atmosphere of civilized travel. Harbin city public security organs and the police station household registration hall received a total of 5217 people apply for identity cards, making the issuance of temporary identity card 675, issued 1077 finished the two generation ID card, household registration business 6154, reply to all kinds of consulting more than 6100 people.相关的主题文章: