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Dubai’s Bachelors Live The Hard Way By: Pankaj Mohan | Feb 12th 2008 – Dubai, which boasts about its dreams and landmarks, does not have enough space to shelter those very same who made those dreams and landmarks a reality. Tags: Dubai To Allow Home Insurance By: Pankaj Mohan | Feb 12th 2008 – Dubai has introduced a new law which makes developers responsible for damages that might get noticed after the property had been handed over. Tags: Dubai’s World Class Hotels By: Pankaj Mohan | Feb 12th 2008 – The desire to see its tourism sector flourish and the gains of a thriving economy, were the two major reasons why Dubai’s skyline grew so frantically in the last two decades. In the course of events, the city also became the new residing place for world class hotels. Tags: Dubai Rental Property – Searching For Ac.modation By: Ahmed Juma | Dec 25th 2007 – Moving to a foreign country and finding ac.modation to rent can be time consuming and seem overwhelming. Investigating the locations of property available for rent in Dubai as well as educating oneself about local rental laws can make the process easier. Tags: Dubai Real Estate .pany By: Hardev Zala | Dec 13th 2007 – If you have a graph with fixed supply NRI investments UAE and fixed demand NRI investments UAE then it is very easy to predict things like house price rises and Property for Sale Dubai inflation. But in real life nothing stays static for very long and long, and in a dynamic economy like Real Estate Dubai change is the only … Tags: Explore The Beauty Of Dubai By: Abdallah Gazal | Dec 11th 2007 – If you are on Dubai vacation, you just can’t afford to miss the beautiful Arabian moon witnessed from the vast and never ending desert. With sti-travel you will enjoy Dubai luxury holiday for sure. Tags: Transit Entertainment Par Excellence At Dubai Airport By: nancy eben | Dec 11th 2007 – Dubai Airport is a very busy airport in today’s fast moving world. All international flights operate here. This has largely been due to the fact that Dubai has emerged as a major tourist destination for visitors round the year. Dubai has a multitude of activities throughout the year which attracts tourists on a global basis … Tags: Warm Hospitality Of Deira Dubai By: nancy eben | Dec 11th 2007 – Though a relatively small tourist destination, Deira Dubai offers a range of hotels catering to all types of clients. Here one can see the sophistication of the modern century in sync with the simplicity of the eras gone by. This is the defining personality of Deira Dubai which sustains the interest of the tourists. Tags: Pleasures Of Antique And Contemporary Bur Dubai Hotels By: nancy eben | Dec 11th 2007 – One can savor the delights of the old traditional as well modern facilities available in the various categories of Bur Dubai hotels. A visit to Bur Dubai is all about experiencing the rich culture and heritage of the region responsible for developing Dubai into a world class tourist destination with a strong presence on the … Tags: Dubai’s Finest .mercial Properties By: avinash | Dec 4th 2007 – Dubai has be.e an international hub for .mercial property and the reason behind this is the fact that Dubai’s real estate laws allow for the freehold ownership of property in Dubai by any foreigner. The presence of a huge number of multinational .panies in Dubai has considerably increased the demand for .mercial pro … Tags: Dubai Property – One Of The Hottest Investments On The Planet By: layla | Nov 19th 2007 – The Dubai property market is growing and anyone who invests in property in Dubai will see a rapid turnover in their investment. Investors can expect almost a 30% or more return on any property in Dubai. And there’s a reason. Dubai offers a climate, a rich tradition of hospitality and pure luxury! Tags: Things You Should Know Before Buying Property In Dubai By: layla | Nov 15th 2007 – If you are going to buy property in Dubai you should know that the future prospect of real estate market of Dubai is quite good for 2007 and beyond. The property and real estate market in Dubai has shown as marked improvement in the Gross Domestic Product that it has generated. Rental yields in Dubai are very attractive, in … Tags: Dubai Property Attracts Investors All Over The World By: layla | Nov 15th 2007 – After reading this article you will realize that Dubai is an overseas property investment heaven. Investors have flocked from worldwide to buy Dubai property, to take a piece of the potential that the city has. Considering the bullish state of the real estate market, any investment in Dubai property over the next few months … Tags: Moving Around Dubai "�" Buying New & Used Cars In Dubai By: Sim Whatley | Nov 14th 2007 – Whether you are a permanent resident of Dubai, or just paying a short leisure or business visit, you definitely need to go around in either case. Tags: Dubai"��s High Rising And Architecturally Brilliant Developments By: avinash | Oct 23rd 2007 – Dubai has be.e an international hotspot for property and the reason behind this is the high rising and architecturally brilliant developments like the ones listed below. Tags: Dubai "�" The Dream Destination For Real Estate By: avinash | Oct 21st 2007 – Dubai has always been known for extraordinary architectural developments and breathtaking designs. Dubai has be.e an international hotspot for property and the demand for real estate is so intense that property prices have increased considerably over last two or three years. Tags: Dubai"��s Most Luxurious And Exclusive Penthouses And Apartments By: avinash | Oct 18th 2007 – Dubai has be.e an international hotspot for property and the demand for real estate is so intense that property prices have seen considerable appreciation in the last two or three years. Dubai has always been known for extraordinary architectural developments and breathtaking designs, and following are three of Dubai"��s … Tags: Dubai Property. By: mahesh506 | Sep 19th 2007 – The Dubai Property Market has never been stronger than it is at this moment and foreign investors are flocking to the shores of the emirate to take advantage of the real estate boom. Rapid development has characterized the cities and sandy beaches or desserts have been forced to give way to skyscrapers, artificial lakes and … Tags: What Is So Great About Property Sale And Investments In Dubai? By: Ivanovich Cuxev | Aug 5th 2007 – There are many theories about the origin of the word Dubai, some say this term was given to the region because it was considered a smaller version of a thriving market which name was "Daba", other theories suggest that this particular word means money. Tags: Dubai Property – Investing In Uae Real Estate By: Ahmed Juma | Aug 3rd 2007 – Dubai has be.e an international property hotspot, with great architectural developments and ambitious projects rising up seemingly overnight. With the market still young and demand exceeding supply, the time is ripe for foreigners to invest in this vibrant, captivating city. Tags: What’s So Special About Dubai? By: Rick Hendershot.. | Jul 30th 2007 – Over the last two decades Dubai has be.e one of the hottest vacation spots and business locations on the planet. A visitor to Dubai will experience traditional Arab culture set in the heart of a vibrant ultra-modern city with futuristic new attractions springing up virtually every day. Tags: Which Dubai Hotels Are Close To Certain Attractions By: Jonathon Blocker | Jul 3rd 2007 – Dubai Travel – You might be traveling to the Middle East soon on business, but hopefully you will also get to savor the sights during some well-earned vacation time as well. Your plans for Middle East travel will likely hinge on the sights you wish to see that are nearby your Dubai hotel. Tags: Dubai Jobs – Finding Employment In The Uae By: Ahmed Juma | Jul 1st 2007 – Many job hunters still believe that the streets of Dubai are paved with gold. This may be true to some extent – the economy is booming (particularly the construction industry) and Dubai is a tax free haven where net in.e is typically much higher than in other parts of the world. Even so, securing employment is not alway … Tags: Dubai Real Estate Investors Get A New Property Search By: Sim Whatley | May 14th 2007 – Off the back of dubizzle’s wildly successful Dubai Property for Rent pages, we have decided to vastly improve our up and .ing Dubai Property for Sale section. Tags: Invest In Dubai Property Market By: Sim Whatley | Apr 4th 2007 – Located on the southern coast of Persian or Arabian Gulf, Dubai is the 2nd largest of the seven emirates that constitute United Arab Emirates. Tags: Real Estate In Dubai By: Parag Sheth | Mar 31st 2007 – Dubai and Dubai Property Of the many major areas of the world, there is something unique about the Emirate of Dubai and about Dubai property. An area of outstanding natural beauty intertwined with the most modern of architecture and buildings, and steeped in the most historical of traditions. The Emirate of D … Tags: Looking For Job Opportunities In Dubai? By: Sim Whatley | Mar 7th 2007 – Dubai is a modern city with all the amenities of years. For years, it has been an attraction point for many people around the world and especially those from sub-continent. Tags: Useful Tips On Driving Across Dubai By: Pankaj Mohan | Jan 24th 2007 – Some useful tips on making a safe and speedy journey across Dubai’s roads. Tags: Dubai’s Great Desert Safari By: Pankaj Mohan | Jan 19th 2007 – Dubai is appreciated not only for its trade and .merce but also for the tourism activities it presents these days, and desert safaris may without doubt be stated as one of the key areas where these activities generally lay around at. Tags: Buying Property In Dubai By: Parag Sheth | Dec 5th 2006 – Dubai and Dubai Property Of the many major areas of the world, there is something unique about the Emirate of Dubai and about Dubai property. An area of outstanding natural beauty intertwined with the most modern of architecture and buildings, and steeped in the most historical of traditions. The Emirate of D … Tags: Why Is Dubai Swarmed By Celebrities? By: Pankaj Mohan | Nov 19th 2006 – The world is re-examining its views on the Middle East in the backdrop of Dubai’s phenomenal rise. Tags: Dubai Can Be Real Hot And Cool Both By: Pinks Johnes | Nov 18th 2006 – There is more about Dubai you should know apart from its breathtaking skyline and the trade and .merce. Things like the law, political system, weather and traffic congestion are some of the key areas that require attention. This article gives you an account of the same important issues before you embark on with your much … Tags: Dubai Marina – The Heart Of Uae By: Pinks Johnes | Nov 16th 2006 – Providing Dubai with an adequate amount of living and working space has always remained to be one of the prime concerns for its planners. Read how they are achieving it by developing Dubai’s shorelines now. Tags: Dubai Hotels – A Great Traveling Experience By: Pankaj Mohan | Sep 30th 2006 – From the most expensive ones to the most famous on earth, Dubai hotels have got every adage to put on display. This article takes a look at the same exciting happenings. Tags: Visiting Dubai By: Ian Smith | Sep 15th 2006 – Dubai has fascinated me for many years, and it turned out to be quite different from what I had imagined. I had thought of it as quaint back streets, full of souks, with camels everywhere, and baking hot. In other words that Dubai would be quite old fashioned, and so I got a major surprise when I got there. F … Tags: Sightseeing In Dubai By: Wayne Armstrong | Sep 4th 2006 – Although a very small place, Dubai offers a lot of scope for sightseeing. Dubai has deeply rooted Islamic traditions but at the same time, has a life style similar in many ways to other parts of the world. Jumeirah Mosque The best known illustration of modern Islamic architecture. The mosque has two minarets … Tags: Dubai Vacation By: Wayne Armstrong | Sep 4th 2006 – Are you looking for a great place to take your next vacation? Are you tired of the same old beaches year in and year out? If so, you may want to consider taking your next vacation to Dubai. Some people have never even heard of Dubai, but the fact of the matter is that it is growing very quickly as a top vacation destination … Tags: Top 3 Attractions On Your Dubai Holiday By: Dalvin Rumsey | Jul 9th 2006 – Dubai is a city built for tourism all around the year with excellent hotels, resorts, shopping and places to visit. In this article you’ll read a little about the top three attractions that you can visit on your Dubai holiday. Tags: Dubai Self-catering Ac.modation. Part 2: Tips For Landlords By: Dalvin Rumsey | May 27th 2006 – "��following my last week article "��Tips for tenants"��, in this issue I would like to cover some interesting guidelines for those Dubai landlords adventuring into the Short-Term Rental business. Tags: Plan Your Trip To Dubai Using The Internet By: Gray Rollins | Apr 21st 2006 – Visiting Dubai today, in the age of the Internet, is far easier than it was before the world wide web made it possible to .municate with people across the globe in the blink of an eye. If you have even the most basic familiarity with search engines and web research, you can find out the most relevant information about you … Tags: Visiting Dubai – The City Of Gold By: Stan Smith | Apr 17th 2006 – Dubai, the city of Gold, is a wealthy place that blends the old with the new. It offers an extensive range of attractions for the traveler. Tags: 相关的主题文章: