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Health Jonathan V. Wright, MD is the Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic in which he has his full-time family Health Care Practice. Upon achieving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University and medical degree from University of Michigan, he proficiently finished his residency at Group Health Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Inside Dr. Wright’s family practice, preventive medicine, nutritional medicine, biochemistry, in addition to allergy research are emphasized. Dr. Wright is a leader in the discipline of .plimentary medicine as he .bines allopathic medicine with an substantial naturopathic health care approach. He applies his medical expertise in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases. Under the guidance of Dr. Wright, Tahoma Clinic is staffed with medical health professionals, naturopathic physicians, a traditional Chinese doctor (acupuncture), in addition to nutritionists and allergists. Awarded an honorary doctorate diploma in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, Dr. Wright currently strives to establish a hospital that’s medically staffed by both allopathic and naturopathic physicians. This project is definitely an attempt to promote the advancement of medicine and also to better serve the patient .munity. Dr. Wright’s .mitment to the medical research and to serve as a patient advocate led him to be the President of the National Health Federation. NHF was founded in 1955 to promote freedom of choice in health care and to maintain the First Amendment rights of Americans to freely disseminate health-care information. It is upon this premise that Dr. Wright practices medicine, utilizing vast resources of medical information with respect to research, empirical evidence, and patient concern. Dr. Wright is internationally known for his medical publications, two texts achieving best selling status; "Book of Nutritional Therapy" and "Guide to Healing with Nutrition". His most recent books are "Natural Hormone Replacement for Women over 45", "Maximize Your Vitality and Potency for Men over 40", "The Natural Pharmacy", and "The Patient’s Book of Natural Healing." As a columnist, Dr. Wright authors Nutrition and Healing, a monthly newsletter that emphasizes nutritional medicine in medical practice. Additionally, he wrote regular articles for Prevention magazine from 1976 to 1986 and Let’s Live magazine from 1986 to 1996. Dr. Wright continues to publish articles among other publications. Currently, he lectures nationwide on various topics. These include, among many others; nutritional medicine, natural hormone replacement for men and women, the natural treatment of cardiovascular diseases, adrenal diseases, childhood asthma, and with it’s revival in 1999, the use of histamine therapy in Multiple Sclerosis. Jonathan V. Wright, MD is a board member of various .anizations, such as the American Preventive Medical Association (APMA) and International College of Advanced Longevity Medicine (ICALM), and participates in multiple health care associations, including the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, American Academy for Advancement in Medicine, and others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: