Don’t reward solitary Fang ab Zhong Hanliang Gao Yan fly with high IQ value

"No" Zhong Hanliang AB’s solitary Fang Gao Yan value with high IQ flying lead: recently really stupid sweet white power, Marie Suzhou open, but this did not broadcast before the fire "is not" reward solitary Fang is like a stream, the idea that the end of pure love drama… (source: posters fashion network) "not" reward "solitary solitary Fang Fang don’t reward" hero wise women are really stupid white sweet well-matched in strength in recent history, Marie Suzhou open, but this did not broadcast before the fire "is not" reward solitary Fang is like a stream, the idea that the end of pure love drama… "No reward" alone this drama show new uncharacteristically, such a love naturally people well-matched in strength, her heart. In the play, one is Zhong Hanliang’s invincible Jin Wang Town, a woman is Yan Anelababy’s Zhuge wise wise, wise female hero epic love love to kill well-matched in strength! IQ are quite male master in the field of SM to hear it with a sense of what ah! What’s more, the configuration of this high value! "Don’t show" the solitary Fang released the film side version of love antique posters, only a few pens, put the original essence, the relationship between the hero and heroine reveal the most incisive, two starring Zhong Hanliang and Angelababy in a tree on the grounds of the early release under the plum arms, but not love not facing the Chinese game on the battlefield. Perfect cross up in the end, this kind of love to kill, the plight of exciting drama, so want to abuse! Although Zhong Hanliang Baby male strong female strong drama let people expect, but the other men and women of the Lord is themselves, Zhong Hanliang changed his warm male image, full of domineering man; Baby is a bit less in the past is more beautiful, simple and wise. Zhong Hanliang’s external image of the handsome, and the intrinsic warm male property is the perfect fantasy of all girls! Don’t play too much for the heroes in a troubled time this face, almost any into a costume small! Girl heart is crisp! Angelababy and the same high Yan Angelababy value in order to cooperate with the female Zhuge white of Christine employment intelligent and wise, take the simple route in the shape of the hair, half plate into a smooth hair, his brow, smooth and clean, is full of heroic spirit. To dress makeup is more elegant and stubborn, feeling baby’s eyes are a little more heroic spirit, is really bold and beautiful seductive capital! "Don’t read" solitary Fang shoegaze and stills, is not suddenly want to see how baby Zhi Liao Zhong Hanliang? After all, the sweet white sweet sell Meng routine is not the only way to cut off the male, only smart woman is the most sexy! In the makeup more effort is necessary work IQ soared! Raise eyebrow tail 25° the heroic spirit of "reward" is not alone: eyebrow eyebrow are put aside the coarse stable adjustment of eyebrow, eyebrow radian try elevation 25 degrees, a natural extension of the end, the eyebrow slightly rich, but the woman taste and neutral Man taste wonderful blend together, emphasize artificial and mold Xpress personal confidence elegant face. That pupil eye makeup, eyes bright solitary ".相关的主题文章: