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Donnie Yen Wu knife thief Broken Covenant gets cooking show tender feelings – Sohu Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse entertainment Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse cut fruit to make sushi Sohu entertainment news the evening of October 8th, has been a true Kung Fu shows Donnie Yen in Nicholas Tse’s "Twelve Feng taste 3" gave the first variety show, the show outside Wu’s chef style and Nicholas Tse with a feast to entertain children show the chivalrous martial arts. Travels to Kyoto, to find the delicacy show tender feelings kung fu movies "October besieged city", the "four" and the martial arts fighting but Shen Zhongyang did not die of scenes, but in a variety program, Nicholas Tse was asked to be a "driver for Donnie Yen". A Kung Fu Donnie Yen even said "feel shy", but fail to beat "to many brothers". Unfortunately, pull halfway, the "driver" Nicholas Tse tired, Donnie Yen had to cart, the scene is very funny. Two the trip to Kyoto, Kyoto famous local delicacy is searching for "water side", and forge a sword "". In the TV drama get accustomed to the weapons master Donnie Yen, in Japan under the guidance of four or five hours grinding out one of their own sword, and carved his name. This knife, whether it is cut fruit or cut the bottle, sharp, and even Nicholas Tse are amazing, "Donnie Yen is the best I have seen weapons". Michelin restaurant in Kyoto, Donnie Yen again showed his knife, first cut the skin get praise Japanese master, praised "savvy". Donnie Yen bluntly they can open a restaurant, a strong sense of confidence to make the next Dan’s overwhelmed with joy. Bye the martial arts film debut, with dream searching Kyoto back because Donnie Yen and the delicacy of inspiration, Nicholas Tse hopes to use the 36 martial arts after dinner delicacy. They fought in the martial arts film line, risked his life to show us a wonderful martial arts work, blood milky achievements of a wonderful moment. Donnie Yen said in the program, the martial arts hard, it is human Chinese Kung Fu such a group of scarred played tricks. Therefore, I hope to entertain them with food. Donnie Yen of these martial arts are excited, have to salute. And Yuen Wo Ping’s appearance is a bigger surprise. "Huang Feihong", "the matrix" and "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon"…… Favorite martial arts film audience in the name of Yuen Wo Ping is not strange. Known as the "Bye" of Yuen Wo Ping has been recorded in the world film history. When dressed plain Yuen Wo Ping appear in front of you, a martial arts room almost simultaneously issued amazing sound, Donnie Yen is called "the master to!" Grab step forward to give the teacher a big hug. In order to give you a fun, martial arts took special skills, martial arts are staged, diversified skills to master everything, the restaurant becomes the second dance forest congress. Yuen Wo Ping applauded, while constantly praised these epigenetic, I hope they will be able to carry forward martial arts, martial arts is not only an action, it is also a cultural heritage." Careful and considerate, a brother Dan Tiehan tenderness the whole show, Donnie Yen always with a smile, smile and his muscles and really相关的主题文章: