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Domestic animation film: highlights stunning dazzling 2016 summer is nearing completion, and the summer of this year’s box office has been basically clear. It is a hot topic in IP, or early propaganda efforts, the summer release of the animated film are few in this dull summer give the audience a surprise. Full Chinese elements of style, exquisite technology and special effects for young and old carnival temperament, to bring a new viewing experience for the size of the audience, but also the future development trend for domestic animation film and animation in line with the international market provides new ideas and to. Playing a IP card, a network novel, a play, or even a character image, a name or word, can become a potential IP. IP hot in the movie in order to find a shortcut to success. As the country’s original IP film, "big fish Begonia" is undoubtedly successful to attract the attention of many people. Highlight the visual style of the film + domestic team + Chinese Creative Story + Chinese elements + Hayao Miyazaki style, so that the style of Chinese IP increasingly obvious. The topic of "big fish" although less than the Begonia "rock dog", in fact backing is not small. "Rock star" original comic adaptation of the same name from the rock star Zheng Jun, the integration of a large number of Chinese elements, including the traditional symbol of many "Snowy Holy Land" Lhasa building. In addition, a domestic two-dimensional animated film classic "ugly duckling adventure" is the innovation of ideas and the story of the "ugly duckling" this classic fairy tale IP, joined the fight, science fiction, comedy, adventure and other new elements, so as to bring the visual novelty to the audience. As a collection of love, epic, fantasy, adventure, war and other features in a large animated film, "demon throne", then put right attitude, showed that the independent film IP. So in its trailer, for the audience to show the dream of the wizard world, showing all kinds of new stories and new characters, highlighting its original IP style. The production of fine Chinese elements in addition to the positioning of the changes, it is not difficult to find that this summer’s domestic animation film production is more beautiful, but also pay more attention to Chinese elements and local color. The most obvious, than "big fish". "Big fish" tells the story of a charge of Begonia Begonia flower girl God and the human soul story, the film originated from the "Chuang-tzu ·"; peripateticism "in the North Ming fish, called Kun, Kun, do not know its thousands of miles". This original animation film is full of wind China conception, the film red lanterns, stone lions, lotus lamp, Fujian Yongding large earthen folk elements, plus China charm costume eyeful, outline a world full of imagination for the audience, let a person produce romantic reverie. Some netizens commented: the picture is very beautiful, I feel every frame can be cut down when the desktop." But at the same time the release of the "rock dog" is "six years grinding sword, the production of sophisticated, only is the protagonist of the film the figures, is finalized after two thousand sketch painting. Science fiction adventure animated film "the adventures of the ugly duckling" by Canton Tower.相关的主题文章: