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Home-Improvement Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been continually used for centuries worldwide. It is best known for its fireproofing characteristics and can be found in over two thousand building products. Even though it was outlawed in 1974 in the USA, it is still produced and used in many countries, such as China and Russia, while other countries including Japan and South Korea have recently placed a full ban on the manufacture, import and use of asbestos. Even though Japan has recently outlawed asbestos, they estimate that there are over five million existing roofs alone made up of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) that could potentially be released into the environment. The question is not whether asbestos can cause serious medical concerns/problems. It’s proven that it can. The question is whether it can be used safely for its positive attributes without exposing anyone to its potential harm. Asbestos can be safely managed just like other hazards in our life, such as gasoline or electricity. We take daily advantage of these other potential hazards and wouldn’t think of not using them to make our lives more productive and comfortable. It can and should be the same with asbestos. We manage all the potential dangers of these other hazardous materials safely all the time without much thought on how we do that. We take for granted the strength and reliability of a strong gas tank or the durability of the coating over our electric cords. We wouldn’t want a leaky gas tank or a frayed electric cord. With the same thought managing the potential hazards of asbestos with a good protective coating does easily and safely deal with all its potential dangers while still taking advantage of its positive uses. We demand that our gas tanks don’t leak and our electricity doesn’t harm anyone. We should and can expect the same when we manage asbestos, which has been called the best fireproofing known to mankind. As with a gas tank or electric cords, you wouldn’t want to use cheap materials to contain those potential hazards and the same should be expected with in-place management of asbestos. We don’t need to remove them, just safely manage them. Removing all asbestos would be the same as removing all water in our lives because people can drown or removing any fire because people and buildings get burned. It would be like having no swimming pools or think about no barbeques, cookouts or fireplaces. People have been torn between removing the asbestos that already exist in their structures or just simply letting it be. Both choices result to the same thing – unhealthy air for its inhabitants and those surrounding it. Unsafely removing asbestos would release the asbestos fiber into the air making it unhealthy for our lungs. On the other hand, not doing anything about it would still release asbestos fibers through breakdown and disintegration. So what is there left to do? Much like everything else in life, it all boils down to how we handle and manage things. Asbestos can be managed in place through encasement with green coatings. Encasement refers to encasing building components, interior and exterior, including the hazardous materials; in this case, asbestos. And the most efficient way to do so is with green coatings. Roofing and spray on fireproofing made up of asbestos are some of the largest areas of concern that can benefit from being encased with green coatings. Encasement with green coatings is a long term, sustainable and, more importantly, renewable solution compared to typical paints or coatings which only last a few years. It reduces the harmful effects on people and the environment while lengthening the life of buildings. It also happens to be the economical alternative to other abatement methods, such as removal, disposal and replacement. Encasement is less disruptive of ongoing services. It does not require shutting down buildings or having to relocate occupants, which is costly and time consuming. Most work can be completed in a minimal amount of time with no building disruption at all, resulting to a savings of 25% to 75% over removal and replacement. In addition, not having to do any sort of removal of any building components is environmentally sound. Removing and replacing any building component means transporting and disposing of that material in our already overflowing landfills. Studies show that a large number of the CO2 emissions causing green house gases, contributing to global warming/climate change, are coming from landfills. It stands to reason that we need to minimize the generation of this unnecessary waste by recycling buildings and all their components, which is easily accomplished through in place management with encasement green coatings. Looking at a simple balance sheet like the one below it’s easy to see the logical choice of management in place with encasement green coatings over removal and replacement. Green coatings have no environmental downside to using them. They are non-toxic, water based, low VOC’s, (Volatile Organic Compounds), no ODS’s (Ozone Depleting Substances), Class A fire rated. The products should be backed up with toxicological reports proving that they are so clean that they can be applied even with pregnant women and children in the room. Green coatings used for encasement should also be extremely durable, long lasting and able to take a lot of abuse. They must be especially flexible; being able to elongate with the expanding and contracting of any typical building movements. With this kind of green coatings, in place management and restoration with encasement green coatings is the best and most practical way to extend a buildings life including its roof along with safely dealing with most of its components as well as potentially hazardous ones. About the Author: GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. is a Pro Planet Positive Company, of high quality, water based, fully tested and approved, Class A Fire Rated, award winning, environmentally friendly, non-toxic protective green coatings for renewable/sustainable waterproofing, roofing and most interior and exterior building surfaces. GLOBAL Encasement Inc.’s Environmentally Advanced products have always been Green and can be warranted to last for twenty years. Article Published On: – Home-Improvement 相关的主题文章: