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Business As a full-service benefit auction .pany, we often work with clients to help them structure their benefit auction for maximum revenues. As part of our dialogue and planning, we review the timeline and discuss whether a cash appeal would work in the program. A cash appeal (for those who aren’t familiar with the term) is an opportunity during the evening for guests to make a cash donation directly to the .anization. One of the first questions I am asked is, "Don’t you think that we’ll make less money in the silent and live auction if we also conduct an appeal?" No, I don’t. Here’s a wedding-based analogy to explain my point. I’ve attended a few weddings during which the bride and groom have a money dance. For a song or two, a guest can dance with either the bride or groom for a fee. Depending on the crowd, the guests might pay $5 to $100 for the privilege of busting a move with one of the newly-married individuals. Given that each of those guests has already given a wedding gift to the couple, anyone who contributes during the money dance is "gifting twice." Do they care? I don’t think they do. I don’t believe it affects the actions of any guests. Those that want to dance will dance, regardless of whether they already gave a gift to the couple. Imagine the scene. The music is jamming, guests are dining on good food and strong drinks, and everyone is chatting. In the middle of this party, someone announces there will be a money dance. Stan and Jenelle, two happy guests, yell and clap with the crowd: "Woo hoo!" Joe is excited! He’s happy for the couple! He jumps from his chair to grab the bride for a dance. Which scenario happens next? 1. Joe whisks the bride around the floor to a fast polka while slipping her a $20 bill. OR 2. Joe stops abruptly at the edge of the dance floor. "WHOA. Hold on a moment," he thinks, "We gave this couple a present. My wife bought them a blender and I wrapped it this morning. Those greedy, ungrateful kids. We already gave them a gift, and they have the nerve to ask for more." Joe skulks back to his chair. I’ve never seen the second scenario happen. Have you? It seems the decision to make a cash gift donation occupies a different place in our psyche than the decision to bid in a live or silent auction. When properly introduced and explained to auction guests, an appeal will build upon your total auction revenue. Copyright (c) 2009 Red Apple Auctions LLC About the Author: 相关的主题文章: