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Danzhou 13 year old boy with a teacher allegedly caned the education department will investigate and verify the original title: 13 year old boy suffered multiple bruises playing the teacher? The Danzhou Ying Ming School, the education department will investigate and verify the arm multiple bruises picture provided by family before the people of Danzhou Wu said to reporters reflect, Danzhou Ying Ming School of two teachers on Teachers’ day, the next day, beating his nephew Xiao Hai, lead to Koumi multiple bruises, at present, the sea has dropped out of the school. The school principal responded that, in coordination with the relevant departments have dealt with the matter. Danzhou City Board of education official said, is still not informed, to send discipline inspection staff to verify the clear and then do. Relatives: nephew was caned two teachers "according to Mr. Wu, the 13 year old nephew, in the city of Danzhou English school, the sixth grade, parents are long-term sea fishermen, fishing and sea to take care of the burden of the old grandpa Wu Huafeng on the shoulder. The 11 day, Wu Huafeng received a call that he was small, two teachers in the school play, not to keep coming. Mr. Wu said, the Wu Huafeng found in the school dormitory, where a person lying in bed. Mr. Wu said, in the class, the tall, the school police will let him manage the rest of the students. 10 evening, because a student is noisy, do not listen to small bundles, two of them had a dispute, and have a physical conflict. After school police persuasion, only to quell the contradiction between the two. The next morning, a conflict with the students did not go to the morning reading class, Chinese teacher to find the dormitory students to understand the situation, and bring things to reflect small class teacher, math teacher is small. Subsequently, two teachers back in the classroom after the beating of the sea, "she told me that the Chinese teacher kicked him, two teachers have whipped him with a pointer." Mr. Wu said, she told him that two teachers beat small for a few minutes. After class, she went back to the dormitory, didn’t dare to go to the classroom, the teacher did not come to him. The call will tell Grandpa Wu Huafeng. From Mr. Wu to the reporter of the photo, left arm and back, the more obviously swelling. Mr. Wu told reporters, after the event, they took the check to the hospital, after the hospital examination, the left arm upper body subcutaneous edema, multiple skin trauma, "but fortunately no injuries to the head". "The headmaster said not to let their children to go to school," Mr. Wu told reporters that the sea was hit second days even arm can not move, they follow the doctor’s advice, with the bruises on the ice. After several days of treatment, the injury has been significantly improved. Let Mr. Wu worried that this incident will not cause psychological shadow to the sea, "the scars to heal, but the psychological scars are difficult to cure." Mr. Wu believes that the contradiction between the students, as a teacher should be coordinated, even if the students naughty, the teacher punished, it should not be punished so severely." Let Mr. Wu chilling is that after the incident, beating the 2 teachers and school leaders have to.相关的主题文章: