Dalian eleven air quality standards on environmental protection 100% people escort innawoods

Dalian "eleven" air quality standards 100% people rely on environmental protection law enforcement officers to escort samples for inspection. A cloudless blue sky, white clouds floc and fresh air, the eleven of the city, many people believe that good air quality is impressive. It is reported that the National Day period, Dalian urban air quality for 3 to 4 days, compliance rate was 100%. Compared to the same period last year, respirable particulate matter, fine particulate matter, ozone and other major atmospheric pollutant concentrations decreased significantly. Air quality is better than the same period last year, in addition to the weather, and more human effort. For the environmental safety during the national day, to ensure that the key environmental protection work orderly, during the festival, the Dalian environmental protection system, staff overtime, open the phone at any time to handle the emergency residents, accelerate the demolition furnace grid, environmental monitoring and other work of a peaceful environment, excellent security escort for the public holiday. A complaint, twenty minutes rushed to the scene for environmental safety during the national day, before the City Environmental Protection Bureau in the media and "Dalian micro environment" WeChat platform released the emergency call Bureau and the bureau. The morning of October 7th, in the South Central South sunshine district residents Zhang Liang one family enjoyable preparing lunch, suddenly out of the window came a harsh noise, disturb the holiday mood. Zhang Liang immediately called the Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau Zhongshan branch emergency duty phone. About twenty minutes, Zhongshan branch staff rushed to the scene, found a concrete mixer is running, not only the noise nuisance, but also prone to dust. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the city’s large-scale construction sites prohibit the operation of concrete mixer and other equipment. Through the investigation, Bureau staff to master the construction unit noise disturbing evidence, ordered the immediate suspension, and issued a written decision to make corrections for environmental violations enterprises rectification. Strengthen inspections, found that the problem immediately dealt with 5, the Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of high tech Zone Branch staff to Xiaoping Island, a site inspection. The site is piling, but the ground bare, no sprinkler, resulting in a large area of dust. Branch staff ordered the other party immediately stop construction. 6, Xigang branch staff Station North Street cleaning baths do righteousness raids, found a 0.1 ton coal-fired boiler is running. In the urban area of 843 coal-fired boilers remediation list, the boiler in the column, but this bath has been slow, especially during the holiday season luck secretly run. The bath branch officers immediately ordered to immediately stop the use of coal-fired boiler, after the working day to branch for further processing. Currently, the main street 100 lane road maintenance works are still in progress. During the festival, Shahekou branch within the jurisdiction of the Longjiang road and the Southwest Road intersection, 51 Road and the Southwest Road intersection, near the western channel, E happy family Funing Road and Xi’an Road intersection and many other construction sites to strengthen inspections, require timely watering dust, ensure that the PM10 and PM2.5 standard. It is understood that the eleven holiday period, the Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of each branch, district and County Environmental Protection Bureau, censorial detachment dispatched inspectors to 246 passengers, 214 key enterprises within the city and 12 sewage outlets were raided. Inspection industry)相关的主题文章: