Dad Arale led 4 sheets to show the adorable baby supermodel group tamiflu

"Dad" 4 sheets T Xiu Arale led group of adorable baby supermodel Sina entertainment news "Mango TV Daddy where the 4" tonight eight points to open the third station in Ningxia Shapotou, the old driver Tian Liang [micro-blog] revisit emotion, small liangzai by Sen dish to teach Dumen experience, however, the two attempted "exit". To communicate with the villagers, they staged in the history of the most down to earth sheets version T Xiu, daddy adorable baby supermodel Group Noble ice down to earth. Anji game show staged somersault, pit father cry Sha Yi [micro-blog]. Arale is difficult to get up to get up, the king of the king was a copy of God imitation. Dad gas emergency room Cai Guoqing father full level to the third station, the father of their room to grab the game upgrade again, the room was hung on the neck of a sheep, to get a good room, with the flock of wits. The bullpen, Cai Guoqing turns to live all over the house, he is the son to grab a mansion, to win the turnaround, in spite of his flock dirty and smelly, murmuring, "I want to find a house for my son to go. Usually Cai Guoqing favorite dry rub the face, always keep the handsome image, but to his son, he is also the fight, by sheep shock, looking for work roll, full screen filled with love, dad broke force Cai Guoqing, looks charming. The competition between the sheets continuously T Xiu cool down to earth adorable baby supermodel group creative full level and practice native Dad Dad, this period of their solidarity with the villagers, Dad team team started the match PK. The game is not only physical strength endurance, but also fight the acting ability, in order to win the T style show contest, dad and adorable baby to "elegant noble materials, down to earth, low-key luxury connotation" principle, the transformation of rural wind flower sheets into "glamorous" fashion, and the production of pepper jujube Sheng village also, be together "luxury" jewelry, sweeping broom, was picked up by the Yellow column as props, Sha Yi Anji became the landmark and harvester, "arrow", "number" armed themselves. Only four year old Arale, has long been the old driver of the model industry, but also the embodiment of the teacher, guiding zero experience of the father of Dong Li, but also a part-time makeup artist, the father of the United States and the United states. Tian Liang’s small errands liangzai, borrow something skills out, even the wings of this luxury, he was also easy to get, also did not forget to "treasure", the koala sister had wings points, their shape does not lose the Victoria Secret Supermodel group. My team is full, but the villagers team also comes with a model figure, two teams show, very high strength is. Tian Liang and his son the risk of being "fired" Anji somersault show where Dad Dad cry "pit" first season, Tian Liang had come to Ningxia Shapotou Daisen dish, this is revisiting, evokes a variety of memories, but he also lamented Wushirenfei, said here "development was particularly good". To go to the desert small liangzai, excited, excited shouting to be as cheerful as a lark, building castles in the desert, sand skiing, the original sister Sen dish has already helped liangzai science over various horizons. The father and son this time the challenge is full of fun, playing a little bright young son, but addicted to skipping can not extricate themselves, almost out of the big team. Tian Liang could not help but remind his son, "we will all be dismissed," so that the bright child to listen to Mongolia circle: "open"相关的主题文章: