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Curb network violence, rely on self-discipline or by law has been on the day before yesterday, Cao Yunjin accused Guo Degang suddenly issued a "silent horizon in non thin cool. "Micro-blog". In the "master of choking", Guo Degang also used his lengthy text emotion recently encountered in the network of violence, "a group of people in order to scold scold, no bottom line". Perhaps it is because there is no bottom line suffered abuse, Jing Bairan also recently suddenly drying out a handwritten "micro-blog goodbye" from micro-blog pictures, suspected against the violence. In the face of network violence raging, and the parties adopting indifferent attitude of easy to resolve. However, how to curb network violence? Rely on personal self-discipline or legal constraints? Planning: Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss Zhou Xian wrote: the way to deal with a lattice: open back Guo Degang denounced "a group of people to criticize and criticize" the day before yesterday morning, Guo Degang published a long micro-blog "Horizon in non thin cool. "In response to Cao Yunjin. But in the long micro-blog, Guo Degang is a thought-provoking, he directed the now "network violence has to reach the peak of perfection". In micro-blog, Guo Degang said: "in the comic’s history, and discord happened a lot. Due to the spread of the network, the impact is not large, but confined to the industry. Moreover, housework is not outside the Yang, as I make so little gold and apprentice firecrackers the lively scene of a great din of drums and pipes should be unique." Since the master open after the interview, Guo Degang suffered a lot of network abuse, he said: "a group of people in order to scold scold, no bottom line. Good and bad, true and false are not important to them. The key has a point to vent, really good fun. People need to vent in an environment without consequences, we can see how bad life. These talented people, listen to the wind is the rain, really think that the rationale for the arrest of the same, did not bite the mouth also shook his head." It is interesting to say that Cao Yunjin also said in that he suffered cyber violence need to fight back, but he said that the use of network violence to destroy me, Guo Degang". Cao Yunjin wrote on micro-blog: "you hired Navy, distort history, I see all kinds of malicious rumors, to rewrite the history of the year use unscrupulous divisive tactics, makes me a devoid of gratitude, disloyalty and perdition" traitors ", it is to use the network of violence destroyed me, how, if I never argue with silence, do not say that in the end who is who to the final death?" Cao Yunjin also said that Guo Degang began to use the new platform for cooperation from last year, a new opportunity to speak, standing on the moral high ground, once again, to spearhead their people weaker than these people to leave, to create the topic of speculation. For the choke between master and apprentice, many netizens said "it is right". Also the netizen thinks, mentoring two are directed against network violence ", is indeed worthy of reflection", "do not do to others, so let the public decorum crowd, why". The face of the network violence, some stars inconvenience sound, can’t see past friends came out at keyboard man". After the death of his friend Joe Chen Qiao Renliang has not been in the micro.相关的主题文章: