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Cultivation of emergency industry   looking for new growth point of Sichuan channel — Chengdu September 30 (Xinhua Wang Jun) emergency industry is to provide special products and services for emergency prevention and preparedness, monitoring and early warning, disposal and rescue industry. Earthquake, debris flow, mountain torrents…… The occurrence of a series of natural disasters make people realize the importance of emergency industry gradually. In recent years, China’s emergency industry has developed rapidly and played an important role in emergency response. Sichuan makes full use of the international exchange platform of the sixteenth Western China International Fair, and promotes the development of the emergency industry in a multi-level, multi-channel and multi way way. According to estimates, according to estimates, China’s fire protection, emergency communications, disaster prevention and mitigation, counter-terrorism and other areas of emergency products and services output reached nearly one trillion yuan. Focus on the broad prospects for the development of the emergency industry, in the field of emerging industries, the emergency industry is facing a series of favorable policies, the development is accelerating. 2014 Office of the state issued "on accelerating the development of emergency industry opinions" put forward, to 2020, the scale of the industry to significantly expand the emergency, emergency industry system formation. In July 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology developed and issued "measures for the administration of national demonstration base of emergency industry (Trial)" after the development of the domestic emergency industry opened a new prologue, relevant guidance provinces issued a series of emergency industry in their respective regions. The security industry is closely related to the emergency industry, but also ushered in new opportunities for development. July 2016, the Sichuan provincial government issued the opinions on accelerating the development of emergency industry. The release that, by 2020, the province’s emergency industry has significantly expanded the scale, the basic formation of the emergency industry system; a number of independent research and development of major emergency equipment put into use. Opinions locked 4 key areas and the focus of the task of the 9. 4 key areas: the development of monitoring and early warning emergency products, improve all kinds of emergency monitoring and early warning accuracy and timeliness; development of emergency protection products, improve the safety and reliability of individual and important facilities protection; the development of emergency rescue disposal products, efficient and professional provided emergency disposal of high; create new formats emergency services, improve the level of social services emergency prevention and disposal. 9 key tasks, including speeding up the construction of the emergency industry demonstration base, accelerate the key technology and equipment research and development of emergency industry. Emergency Industry Pavilion "emergency" and the West will be commenced in the western development, has been successfully held 15 sessions. Over the years, the West will continue to innovate in the professional, high-end, international, and combined to make for their own transformation and breakthrough in market demand. As one of the most frequent natural disasters in China, Sichuan has a strong demand for disaster prevention and emergency rescue system. With the increasing number of large-scale activities, the improvement of all kinds of emergency mechanism in Sichuan province and even the whole western region is imminent. An important theme of the exhibition 2014 China International Industry Exhibition emergency as the West will be in this context)相关的主题文章: