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Beauty Life is special therefore treat each day as a gift, this is true, but not when it .es to cosmetics. You need making a difference to this rule when you want to use cosmetics regularly. Can you use cosmetics every day? Whether or not you can use cosmetics everyday depends on what you are using. Your skin should always get some time off, because it is necessary that it should get time to breathe on its own. Applying creams and such products always tends to harm skin quality. For everyday wear, cosmetics like moisturizers and skin protection are the best, and most probably the only things that can be used for everyday wear. This is because of the quality of these creams to provide protection from several factors that can cause skin damage and moisturizing the skin which is equally important in maintaining the skin. Cosmetics use is quite .mon all over the world, however, numbers of women who have used cosmetics quite .monly have developed dark marks on skin especially where they have used cosmetics like the rouge. This is because skin did not get enough air to breathe through and caused skin damage. Though today cosmetics makers are taking enough care to make cosmetics that are least harmful, cosmetics do have certain side effects. What cosmetics can be used for a special occasion? A special occasion needs adequate preparation, the way you dress and the way you do your make up should be special too. There are numerous different types of make up you could use for your skin. Firstly you can begin by leveling and smoothening out your skin through some calamine lotion that can make your face ready for some good work, the benefit of this lotion is that it hides any dark spots or raw pimples from direct glare and smoothen the skin so that the makeup stays on a little longer and better for a period of time. You can then start by painting your skin with colors that suit your skin tone and the place you are visiting, a bridal makeup needs to be special, since it is the day of the bride, if you are about to attend a wedding you are sure to put on a different makeup. However though you are about to do something like paint on your skin, you should be sure that, the make up application suits your outfit and the occasion, applying loud make up at a wedding would make you look out of place, at social dos it is important that the make up is clearly in sync, at outings it is important that you use the water proof makeup, that can guard you against sudden climate changes if you want to, or else you could try and avoid makeup .pletely instead try a simple skin toner and a little eyeliner with lipstick which is long day wear. Use of make up should be easy and subtle, it is normal that some people can apply make up better and have better sense of colors, if you are not gifted regarding makeup you can get an experts opinion and tips while using cosmetics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: