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Software QuickTime is an extensible proprietary multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc., capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. (Extracted from However, The first and best choice to add video to website is using flash video, not QuickTime Movies, for the widely-capability with browsers, small-size and high quality of flash video. When you would like to play video on your website, but your video is QuickTime Movies in MOV or qt format. How do you fix it? I re.mend you to .press QuickTime to flash video FLV and SWF using doremisoft QuickTime to flash Encoder/converter. QuickTime to flash Encoder/converter is the easiest solution to change QuickTime MOV files to flash video, either FLV or SWF format. Without any coding knowledge, you can easily embed QuickTime Movie in web page. And you are able to customize flash video with flash video player, effect and buffering with QuickTime to flash converter. You are a flash newbie, an experienced webmaster, or a professional flash video maker. Step by step to show you how to convert QuickTime to flash SWF video. Download and install Doremisoft video to flash converter, and then you can convert your QuickTime MOV to flash video FLV and SWF with a few mouse clicks. 1) Add QuickTime files into flash converter 2) Go to Edit window to crop QuickTime or adding video effect. 3) Go to the step3 of Customize window to choose a favorite flash player for your QuickTime Movie. 4) Click the Convert button. QuickTime to Flash converter is the best software I once used, I think. It can help you to create web FLV player with scrollable thumbnail playlist for website (How to? please go to: lash-encoder../free-FLV-player-playlist-for-website), add text/image and url to video, and so on. More info about QuickTime to flash converter, please refer to: flash-encoder../video-to-flash-converter Related: convert video to flash with flash player About the Author: 相关的主题文章: