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Continuation of the XC90 design   exposure Volvo XC60 interior – – Guangxi channel — original title: continuation of the XC90 design exposure Volvo XC60 interior – October 8 Beijing Xinhua (Tu Qinhan) recently, the media exposure of a group of new generation Volvo XC60 spy photos, new car interior design style continues the Volvo XC90 at the end of 2016, and is expected to be released in 2017 or. In appearance, although the new car is seriously camouflaged, but it is foreseeable that the new generation of XC60 will assemble a larger family of the front grille, headlights group will be "Thor hammer" LED headlights. In the interior part, the new car adopts the new XC90 design style, and uses the area considerable touch LCD screen, so as to replace the traditional physical buttons, large size multimedia display on both sides of the long strip air conditioning air outlet. In addition, the car dashboard suspected of using a full LCD display. A new generation of XC60 and XC90, S90 and other models based on the same Volvo SPA scalable platform to build, its power system will be equipped with 2.0T T5 engine, the engine performance in the Volvo XC90 is the maximum power 258Ps, peak torque 350Nm. In addition, the new car may also be equipped with four-wheel drive system. Comments: there are bright Volvo XC60 news is very limited, but can be sure that the second generation of XC60 will still maintain the Nordic style of Volvo, let us expect the arrival of the replacement model.   (commissioning editor: Liu Jia, Pang Guanhua) 延续XC90设计 曝沃尔沃XC60内饰谍照–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:延续XC90设计 曝沃尔沃XC60内饰谍照   人民网北京10月8日电(涂钦瀚)日前,有媒体曝光了一组新一代沃尔沃XC60的谍照图片,新车内饰延续了沃尔沃XC90的设计风格,并有望在2016年底或2017年初正式发布。   外观上,虽然新车被严重的伪装,不过可以预见的是新一代XC60将装配一款尺寸更大的家族化前格栅,前灯组也将为“雷神之锤”LED大灯。   内饰部分来看,新车采用全新XC90的设计风格,并且采用面积可观的触控液晶显示屏,从而代替传统的物理按键,大尺寸的多媒体显示屏两侧设置有长条状的空调出风口。此外,该车仪表盘疑似采用了全液晶显示。   新一代XC60与XC90、S90等车型基于相同的沃尔沃SPA可扩展平台进行打造,其动力系统将搭载2.0T T5发动机,这款发动机在沃尔沃XC90上的动力表现是最大功率258Ps,峰值扭矩350Nm。此外,新车还有可能配备四驱系统。   点评:目前有光沃尔沃XC60的消息还很有限,不过可以肯定的是第二代XC60依然会保持沃尔沃的北欧风格,让我们一起期待换代车型的到来吧。   (责编:刘佳、庞冠华)相关的主题文章: