College community staged grab people war with drones suction eye

Community colleges and universities staged "grab wars with the UAV UAV to send freshmen military training suction fruit Wuhan college freshmen at the beginning of each eye with community colleges and universities, many new community work in full swing. The day before, the university student organizations and clubs took advantage of the new report, "aimed at the favorable opportunity, publicity, chatting, performances, and even the use of uavs…… "Hundreds of Qi", staged a grab wars in advance". During the baggage service to guide the "psychological" orientation of the colleges and universities in Wuhan campus, dressed in uniforms, neck hanging cards work volunteers everywhere. To help freshmen pull baggage, accompanied with, find report points around the campus, they are busy awfully. At the same time, many of them have "dual identity", while the students do volunteer for their own team "plot" like-minded "little meat". Liu Chang Junior is a dual identity of student volunteers and press photographers. When come to report the primary school’s neck hung a SLR camera, Liu Chang was "an inspiration", set up near: "I see you with a DSLR, usually should be very love photography?" "Yes, especially." "Well, I do, because I like photography, I joined the two houses of the press corps." The patient pull baggage, and ran back and forth. A "greeting" and attentive service, Liu Chang played "propaganda": "do you want to join the group of reporters, give you a platform can play there, there will be a photography instructor, if you just want to join we have met, I can help you with the teacher say." After several questions and answers, the primary intention of the younger brother. Liu Chang said that this year in their own group of reporters for third years, with their more onerous forced to retreat, just before leaving for journalists and several "good seedling" as his successor. The use of unmanned aerial vehicle UAV can feel cool what tall? Hang banners, fruit, fashion, community recruit new UAV sent great use. "Did you see that? A group of reporters is a small plane!" 13 PM, in the Great Western military training site, a remote-controlled UAV is hold up the banner took off slowly, "newspaper reporter group welcomes you" several characters particularly interesting. They are freshman military training rest are drones have attracted to look up. "Fly over a small plane that hula hoop too Hyun, want to pay no attention to." A freshman who came to fill in a new form of the press corps said. The same is the afternoon of 13, at the Wuchang Institute of science and technology park next to the cherry orchard military training ground, a fruit carrying UAV hovering over the training ground, also attracted many new eye. It is understood that the unmanned machine shipped fruit for the military students to send cool activities by the Wuchang Institute of technology entrepreneurship practice association of the school students entrepreneurial team, language Nai Technology Co organized. For Yang Bo, it still braved the heat to participate in military training in the 2016 freshmen to iced fruit Jieshu, hope to be able to give them a hint of cool, but also hope that the students in their willingness to venture association. At the scene, you can see that there is a small basket hanging under the UAV, the fruit is placed in the basket with the steering gear control.相关的主题文章: