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Fashion-Style We know it has been a while since we wrote to you but we have been keeping busy with a lot of interesting stuff. This is the season of fashion happenings all around the world, and as dedicated fashionistas we could not miss out on the fun! Now, try to imagine a romantic city, with beautiful architecture, great pasta, famous for it is art and cultural events. That is right. Florence once again hosted one of the biggest Kids Wear exhibitions of the season,Pitti Bimbo. Quality brands from all around the world exhibited their gorgeous collections at the Gardino Della Fortezza in the city centre of Florence. There is so much to show you from Pitti Bimbo for next winters kids fashion that I am finding it a little hard to edit it all, I have picked out some of the key trends as seen on exhibitor stands and I will be revisiting some of these labels with more depth later in the post. With many individual, brand new brands, the whole place looked like a wonderland of kids fashion. Designers inspired by the new year that is ahead of us, with colours and patterns that every grown up would be jealous of, the collections embraced the individualism and quirkiness of our times mingled with the romanticism of the past. Organic clothes played a big part, as more and more designers be.e environment wise. When we entered the exhibition, the first brand that we visited was a of the industry. Think Pink .pany is an Italian brand that focuses on natural life with organic garments and outdoorsy accessories. A new London shop with inspiring kids wear has opened and the products are absolute heaven. From the new designer, Eva Karayiannis, Caramel Baby & Child is exactly as it sounds. Sweet and romantic with a sense from the past. Even though the brand is new, the potential is big, so we wel.e and expect small miracles. C de C is a French brand that has been around for a while. Each collection is themed and works for every time or occasion. We have to admit that many of the clothes made us want to be kids again! .fortable and cosy fabrics maintained a classic style with modern details. One of the biggest Italian brands, Silvian Heach, with modern and interesting designs, exhibited the collections in a basement decorated with white curtains, like in a dream. With knitwear and a lot of greys, Silvian Heaches collections are beautiful and modern in any aspect. Soft leather, good designs, affordable prices and top notch quality. Eli shoes is a Spanish shoe since 1957 that has gained the acceptance of the public with a great success. Looking forward to work with them,we met and talked about their great range in shoes for toddlers and kids. Now we are back in London and we cannot wait to visit Bubbles! We will get back to you with more news from the fashion world soon! Thank you for reading and we hope that we gave you a good slice of Pitti Bimbo exhibition. Write to us with any .ments or suggestions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: