Chongqing sister Yu Na back to the Yulu reality show as a tour guide with spa guests mide-031

Chongqing sister Yu Na back to the Yulu reality show when interviewed by a reporter Li Hua photo newspaper reporter Xiao Xiangdan Chongqing daily news yesterday guide guests spa Yu Na recorded after the Anhui TV reality show "very" Chongqing driving record, this is the first stop of the program. "Very" driving in local star as the tour guide, led the Chinese youth self driving travel, feel the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. This period is the host of the famous actor, model Yu Na, led by her team led by Wang Qiao and four Chinese young people with hot springs, tour Wulong, Chongqing feel the humanities. Every time I come back to have a different feel yesterday morning, the reporters came to the scene in the spring with the recording. Reporters saw the guests are under the leadership of the coaches in the hot spring water sports. The action looks simple, but few people do is yell tired. Then several people also experience a barrel bath, red wine bath, etc.. At the scene, the Chinese youth with hot springs Mian Gong public uncle talked about Chongqing, bathing habits. Wang Qiao, the last to Chongqing has been 7 years ago, but honest and passionate people in Chongqing has been cut. What is the one thing that must be done in Chongqing? "Hot pot certainly can not escape!" After the shooting, the current host Yu Na accepted an interview with reporters. She said, although now living in Beijing, but I grew up in the south, every time back to Chongqing will go to the local school before life or a walk, eat a bowl of rice Tofu pudding are full of memories. And every time she comes back to Chongqing, it feels different. In addition to the rapid development of the city, culture, art and other aspects have been greatly improved, such as through friends, she found that there are several local bands in Chongqing are very good. To play the mentality to participate in the program it is reported that the program group will arrange the guests down Tuoshi learning calligraphy, enjoy the exquisite calligraphy. After the end of the main city shooting, the group will go to Wulong. In addition to enjoy the fairy hill, Tiankengdifeng, "impression of Wulong", will also go to the white horse hill, rhinoceros village has not yet fully meet tourists attractions, start a trip full of thrills and excitement of the "journey to the center of the earth". The program is expected to November 2nd every Wednesday in Anhui TV prime time broadcast. "I’m holding on to the play mentality." Yu Na introduction, usually their own holidays are mostly travel, self driving or free travel. "It’s a pleasure to be on the show, and you can get together with your family after work. In the program as a host, like the role of a tour guide, in fact, Chongqing forthright personality without detailed plan, follow it, we live in the spirit of chongqing." She said, then she wants to take you to some places or near nature places, such as Jinfo Mountain, Ciqikou, fairy hill. She also said that Chongqing is the seat of the mountain, like a natural gym, actually experience walking is a very good choice.相关的主题文章: