Chongqing old imperial erhu often practiced into the night neighbor alarm viper12a

Started learning erhu erhu practice of Chongqing old imperial late neighbor alarm Wansheng through the open area of the Zhang mother half a year ago, often practice hard into the night, did not expect the residents caused resentment. 17 on the evening of 10, neighbor soldier (a pseudonym) alarm: "listen to half a year, is not going to listen." "A small old woman so late to learn erhu, you help to persuade yourself!" 17 on the evening of 10, Wansheng police station received the Tashan Wandong area residents soldier alarm. "This sounds like the erhu and neigh like a horse, you don’t know it’s a bad ah!" The soldier said, Zhang mother almost every night like the erhu, not only play badly, often get into the night, sometimes 11 at night are still learning. Zhang Popo said, her usual hobby for the cultivation of interest free, half a year ago, in the recommendation of a friend to learn erhu. In early studies, she often work overtime to practice, I did not expect was the district residents antipathy. "I’m sorry to disturb them." Zhang Popo learned that the police feel very surprised, but said understanding. She said, what are not anxious, will try to advance the end or to the outside exercise.相关的主题文章: