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China in the Kyrgyz embassy car bomb attack killed 1 people – the Sohu military channel page first: China in the Kyrgyz Embassy Attack [Abstract] according to the Russian Interfax news August 30th, local time 30 days morning 10 am, in front of China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan exploded, has determined that killed 1 people, 3 people injured. It is reported that a car bomb carrying the car into the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, and exploded in the exhibition hall. Kyrgyzstan police officers have arrived at the scene to understand the situation. Global network reported: according to the Russian Interfax news August 30th, occurred near the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan China explosion, has determined that killed 1 people, injured 2 people. Agence France-Presse latest news, two embassy staff and a woman suffered minor injuries in the explosion.     local time 30, as early as 10 am, the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, an explosion occurred at the door. Sources said the search and rescue personnel found a corpse in a car at the scene of the Embassy explosion. Another 2 injured by the explosion were treated. Reuters said the Kyrgyzstan security department GKNB said it was investigating the incident, but did not disclose more details. Kyrgyzstan news website quoted the Emergencies Ministry said that a car bomb exploded in Chinese embassy, China embassy personnel emergency evacuation, the explosion area was cordoned off. reporters from the scene back to the news that a car bomb exploded in the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Embassy in China, East 300 meters can be found suspected pieces, the region has been under martial law. Reported that the attackers drove a MITSUBISHI truck crashed into the door of the Chinese Embassy, and drove about 50 meters in the embassy area after the explosion. Explosion led to the death of the attackers, three embassy staff were injured. Investigators are currently investigating the scene, is to confirm the identity of the attackers. According to the Ministry of interior preliminary data show that this is a terrorist attack. According to the National Security Council, said there is no conclusion. Extended reading: the Chinese Embassy in Somalia: video exposure guards sacrifice was building and burying the Somali capital China explosion killed 1 people and wounded 3 police embassy (map) page second: has caused 1 people were killed and 3 injured according to Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Health said, local time on the morning of 30, a car bomb carrying car into Chinese in Kyrgyzstan the embassy, and exploded in the District, killing at least one person killed and two injured. Currently injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. There to witness the media photos on the site, a photo visible is located at the entrance door was wrecked, also saw a stream of smoke. The picture is the scene of the explosion. Related reports: according to eyewitness news, near Kyrgyzstan’s capital Biches Kaikenan Department Chinese embassy Tuesday morning explosion. It is reported that at least one victim remains. According to the "satellite" news agency reported that the entire southern region can hear the explosion, feel the shock wave. Bishkek housekeeping"相关的主题文章: