Children wayward disobedient parents should learn eight tactics clever solution clazziquai

Children wayward disobedient parents should learn eight tactics clever solution in order to achieve a certain purpose, 3-8 years old children learn to use the following four means". Means ranking first: crying in order to achieve their own requirements, crying is the most common means of children. And many parents fear that the child is a move. Once the child crying, parents will surrender unconditionally not only meet the requirements of the child, and often excess complete tasks". Methods: second ranking supplicate begging children are lovely, when he wants something to supplicate parents, few parents can withstand his gentle attack. Means of ranking third: sichanlanda "protracted war" theory to the child too familiar. His purpose is to use the "grinding" to let the parents agreed to his request, but not until the goal! The final ranking means: anger pout dont talk, throwing things, do not eat…… The child anger time lasts much longer, because the child has mastered the secret of psychological warfare, impatient parents had to surrender. Five kinds of behavior of parents lead to wayward children 1, children rely on others too much, excessive praise or criticism from their parents due praise can help children build self-confidence, but in real life, some parents affected by the happy education theory, usually love children for no principle, resulting in children lack of self consciousness, over emphasis on the evaluation of others, each want to do something trivial praised, or refuse to do. Similarly, excessive criticism will hurt the child’s self-esteem, so that children can not see themselves. Therefore, the children are wrong, parents need to have the discretion to point out the wrong where, in order to help absorb the lessons, to correct the shortcomings. 2 children, stubborn, headstrong, from their parents too democracy has many parents, especially the higher education level, family education in the "democratic management" is very important, whether big and small are in the hope of "reason", the result is not negotiated, children are spoiled. The reason is the child (especially younger children) lack of experience and judgment, there are many places need to rely on their parents for guidance in life, if it is too democratic, easy to spoil their children, make it become stubborn and willful,. Therefore, for the older kids can convince people by reasoning, and for young children, compulsory education management is essential with the. 3, children make mistakes incorrigible, from their parents, the lack of punishment of children abuse reward is not the lack of judgment, in order to help their parents should distinguish between right and wrong, in peacetime to develop the habit of rewards and punishments. Some parents believe in the "best play scholar" concept, and some parents go to the other extreme, only used to reward, never punish children, these two approaches are wrong. If a child makes a mistake, proper punishment is appropriate. Of course, the punishment does not specifically refer to abuse, punishment and responsibility of children, the methods and diverse forms, as long as you can achieve the purpose. On the contrary, if the abuse of inappropriate places or time reward, it will not play the desired effect. For example: children in the wall painting, as long as the parents in time to stop and education on it, but some parents.相关的主题文章: