Chengdu property prices panic sales to sell the house to take a taxi – Fire restorator

Chengdu property prices panic sales houses sell fire at the crowd – taxi "don’t call me out to recommend you where to buy, because I do not know where to buy" "don’t persuade friends to buy a house, also don’t persuade friends to sell the house, now the market is not clear, easy to offend people!" September property market, Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters saw a huge amount of information received in the property market, the most remember is that several industry peers advice. The reality and the vision of real 16072 and rejection frequency proportional to Liu feel shy are said to a friend, she was Uber drivers. Chengdu as the most fire one of the ten major project sales, Liu’s night and day as "fire and ice", huge crowds of people during the day, night desolate. Liu’s project in Tianfu new area, it is now the purchase crazy area, reportedly up to 400 sets of houses, more than 3 thousand people to buy Paihao, people want to buy a set, never talk to such concessions. The basic parking lot every day, the weekend is to stop on the roadside. Because many customers to see the house after work, so overtime became the norm. Liu can not drive, sometimes too late to work with a taxi software called car. "Because it is far away from the main urban area, there are no taxis for a few kilometers around the project." One evening, around a black out of the project, Liu shouted a few times a car, the driver of Ethernet far by rejection. "Shouted 5 times, the 5 have been refused. At that time really take wildfire." The bustle of the day and night, deserted by contrast, real time and future work for the customer by the preaching of drivers of reality, sharp shock is enough to make people calm. Further reading: Chengdu small and medium enterprises collective collapse tide frequent night lay unfinished run away queuing to buy a house property market has crazy prices in Chengdu to follow the trend of press the fast forward button South Chengdu price why all the way up to individual real estate price rose 8 thousand yuan in Chengdu housing prices over 10000 prices increased differentiation of   Nanchong property market heating up a monthly income of 50 thousand to become the Nanchong sister floor the highest income floor sister   Chengdu is the person in charge of a new project investment market investment and speculation in the eyes of foreigners can also enter the property market in Chengdu city told reporters that the recent Shanghai does have a small number of buyers of housing. But dozens of individuals to buy together, sent two people to negotiate." According to reports, Shanghai buyers in Chengdu for more than a month, including a number of projects including the main city and a number of popular areas, and ultimately decided to buy their new projects in the main city. But the price is still relatively stable in Chengdu, in their view, the domestic investment in the city is not much. There is no space in the first tier cities, the northeast can not go, the price is not good to sell. Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei, Zhengzhou and Chengdu City, prices have risen very high, but the price is relatively stable in Chengdu. Chongqing’s supply is too large, Guiyang, Kunming, the market is not allowed to see, so they think they can also filter down the investment market can be entered in the." On"相关的主题文章: