Chengdu high tech Zone held tax power of private economic development and double thousand enterprise

Chengdu high tech Zone held "tax power of private economic development" and "double thousand enterprises to support the plan sought – Sichuan channel — September 30 Chengdu Xinhua (Hong Zhu) recently, Sichuan Province, the development of private economy, tax power for" Chengdu high tech Zone tax special public lecture held in Chengdu. In the activities of Party organization to present enterprises issued the "financial services tax support 1000 enterprises management plan to support the application form. Reporters learned that the support plan by the Provincial Federation of fiscal and Financial Services Center launched, will be the province’s selection of 1000 entrepreneurial innovation enterprises, free of charge to provide financial and financial services. "Support plan" by the presence of enterprises, especially high-tech, IT class enterprises. In the public business, under the new wave of innovation ", Chengdu has started the" entrepreneurial city, Yuan Mengzhi "city brand, a number of innovative entrepreneurial enterprises outstanding is growing. The five tasks of the central economic work conference, "one to one reduction and one supplement", clearly put forward the "help enterprises to reduce costs," the guidance, that is, to reduce the corporate tax burden, financial costs and financing costs (three). To this end, the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Financial Services Center launched the "double thousand enterprises to support the plan, plans to use three years to help 1000 entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises, to provide accounting, financial management, internal control, optimization of tax risk control, financial management and financing docking services. In this trust model for enterprises to reduce management costs at the same time, it also allows the specification of financial internal control system from the start-up period, guide enterprises to legitimate business tax in accordance with the law, so that small and micro enterprises, especially enterprises through the double standard of financial control and good tax credit, to solve the financing difficulties, financing difficulties from the source. Help the healthy development of enterprises, entrepreneurial success. It is worth mentioning that the province within the scope of the enterprise can be hit by trimaran (Federal) to enroll in the program, the first support is expected in December this year announced at the end of the list of enterprises. The reporter understands, this seminar is Chengdu county first in-depth activities, invited the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Financial Services Center Deputy Director Luo Hong to explain the taxpayer "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" risk prevention and personal income tax policy analysis ". In April this year, initiated by the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the provincial tax bureau, the Inland Revenue Department jointly launched the tax help the healthy development of the private economy city state bank activities in Chengdu start. By the Federation of industry and Commerce of Sichuan Province, the provincial tax bureau, the Inland Revenue Department organized a team of lecturers will go to the province’s 21 cities within a year, for private enterprises to send fiscal and financial knowledge. (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: