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Chen Chusheng & SPY.C synth-pop new single "35" will be issued, entertainment channel, original title: Chen Chusheng & SPY.C synth-pop new single "35" will send Chen Chusheng Chen Chusheng song song song song song Chen Chusheng Chen Chusheng Chen Chusheng Chen Chusheng song songwriter Chen Chusheng & SPY.C band’s first solo album hit single "35" that will be released in 17 days. This song has a milepost significance for Chen Chusheng, because this is not only his first original song to the independent music transformation way available, but also a real experimental music works. In the past few years together with the SPY.C band, Chen Chusheng continued to pursue a variety of musical content, not limited to a variety of musical styles in the selection and try. Recently, he and members of the band have been exploring the sound of the synth-pop synthesizer, and the special electronic elements into their upcoming release of the entire music works. This fresh electronic elements make the music more obvious and uniform, so that the whole music has more imagination. Heard this song people say "him as before Chen Chusheng, arranger and application of the whole song synthesizer effects are let people find everything fresh and new, the more determined his own music color and style. Now he is finally ready to share the results of these experiments to the audience, look at Chen Chusheng & SPY.C band how to explore the domestic synth-pop frontier. It is reported that Chen Chusheng & SPY.C independent album the first wave hit song "35" will be held on October 17th at the NetEase cloud synchronous premiere music and the world’s seven Chinese radio, please look forward to. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: