Changsha, the first batch of primary and secondary acceptance of more than 30 maternal and child roo

The first batch of primary and middle school Changsha maternal room acceptance among more than 30 enabled (original title: Changsha enabled more than 30 schools nursery) recently, the first batch of more than 30 Changsha campus nursery completed acceptance, officially opened. Changsha special education school teacher Li Xiaocao very much like the school’s new mother and child room, breast-feeding her almost every day to the mother and child room report". Visit Changsha City special education school sofa crib, with safety lock anti "accident" in Changsha City special education school gate right, there is a special room, which reads: "maternal lactation room". Push the door, I saw the children bed powder green wall, Suihua sofa, clean and beautiful, air conditioners, refrigerators, tables and chairs Goods are available in all varieties. Li Xiaocao took the baby in the mother and child room to rest, playing with toys, although the room is not large, but the baby is willing to play in the room. The school principal Hu Jianguo said that the majority of female teachers in special education schools, lactation female teachers compared to other units to be more, many of which are still two child mother. To care about these female teachers, the school decided to build a mother and child room. For the convenience of female teachers, the school on the side of the school selected a more than a dozen square meters of the room, in May began renovation, the use of environmentally friendly materials. After the opening of the purchase of refrigerators, sofas and beds and other furniture, the official opening. Li Xiaocao said that the maternal indoor some details quite touched by people, in order to prevent someone accidentally pushed the door open, specially in the maternal indoor door is installed on the hotel room that safety lock. Breastfeeding hung on the safety lock, do not worry about the accident, broke into the house". City Board of education to respond to the work of the two child policy after the opening of the birth of pregnant women teachers will increase the number of children in the school room? Changsha, director of bureau of Education Committee and Liang Ying explained that after the two child policy liberalization, the number of female teachers in the campus of pregnancy, children are also increasing, in order to care for female teachers, arrangement annual work early, hope to have the conditions of the schools to set up a baby room, for lactating female teachers. Specific standards for the construction of maternal and child room, Changsha City Board of education has also put forward the basic requirements for the establishment of refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, sofas, all decoration must use green materials. In accordance with the city’s board of education of maternal and child room construction standards, divided into three types of basic, standard and comfort. Put forward this requirement, the demand is big, have the place, the school that the condition is mature to act. October 20th, the first batch of more than 30 campus maternal and child room completed acceptance, officially opened. At present, the municipal Mingde middle school, middle school, Huaxing Changsha Lushan International Experimental Primary School, experimental primary school and other schools on the list, more than and 20 belonged to the primary school become the first campus baby room owner. Many schools in order to make the mother room more warm, and even invited a professional design company design. Liang Ying introduction, the city Bureau of education system is the first batch of "ten warm maternal and child care room" is selected, the second and third batch of campus nursery is in construction, in recent years the comprehensive coverage of all Changsha city schools. Lactation female teachers: to reduce the run around to avoid the embarrassment of Changsha special education teacher Li Xiaocao said his daughter 8 months old, every day?相关的主题文章: