Changsha each county (city) NPC and CPPCC ” ” opening out the five year plan baxia

Changsha each county (city) NPC and CPPCC " " opening out the five year plan original title: a new journey of the livelihood of the people of the county (city) Changsha "NPC and CPPCC" opened in succession, a new blueprint for boosting the construction of national central city to realize basic modernization according to November 26th, Furong district, Yuhua District, Kaifu District, Wangcheng District Changsha County and other counties (city) "NPC and CPPCC" opening, the county (city) made by the people’s Congress on the government work report in the next five years, in addition to raising their economic development goals, coincidentally also made it clear that accelerate the people’s livelihood, promote the development of more and more fair inclusive of all people, a major social concern. Furong district in the next five years, 25 new community park implementation of entrepreneurship five year plan in the next five years, walking in the streets of Furong people will find more and more distinctive streets, community park will open door; and you can walk along the Liuyang River, in the Chinese cultural history theme blocks can feel through. Walk across the river bridge, a station to enjoy the scenery on both sides with the charming. Furong District Fifth People’s Congress of the first meeting of reporters from the opening yesterday learned that within five years the district will build community park more than 25, while speeding up the Liuyang waterfront space construction, the full implementation of the "Happy Education" project, the implementation of entrepreneurship five year plan, improve urban quality, so that the public won enjoy more warmth. Reporters learned from the meeting, the high standard to carry out "new green made three big action, Furong district within 5 years will be built more than 25 new community parks, greening and upgrading of more than 700 thousand square meters. At the same time reforming, Camp Road, Furong Road Shaoshan Road, Bayi Road, Renmin Road, primary and secondary roads, continue to promote the construction of distinctive streets, open up traffic microcirculation, the formation of a street one special "Furong Street Group characteristics. In the next five years, Furong district will also be full implementation of "Happy Education", accelerate the development of preschool education and school education, the new degree in 20 thousand, implementation of public kindergarten and inclusive private kindergarten accounted for more than 80%; the implementation of entrepreneurship five years action plan, focusing on building a number of innovative entrepreneurship demonstration base and entrepreneurial incubator complete the work base; 73 community comprehensive upgrading mention, let residents happier at home. (Changsha evening news reporter Hu Yuanyuan) Yuhua District has gradually spread 15 years of basic education and establishing the "15 minute pension service circle 15 years of basic education will gradually spread, children attending kindergarten, more than 2/3 public and private kindergartens inclusive; urban green coverage rate of over 50%, more than half of the city will be" dyed "green…… The next five years, Yuhua District residents of the home will want to know what new changes? Yesterday, reporters from the first meeting of the Fifth People’s Congress of Yuhua District was informed that the next five years, the improvement of people’s livelihood, equity will become the key words Yuhua District government work. GDP is expected to average annual growth of more than 8%, per capita disposable income of urban residents with an average annual growth rate of more than 8%, the total fiscal revenue reached 19 billion yuan strength will pay for the livelihood of inclusive. Yuhua District government work report clearly put forward to accelerate the improvement of people’s livelihood, promote development results more and more equity region)相关的主题文章: