Changsha 420 thousand registered network about 51 times the number of car taxi shishangqiyi

51 times Changsha 420 thousand registered car number of the taxi network about the original title: Changsha 420 thousand network about cars, taxi is 51 times the Changsha news November 9th, Changsha City Taxi Association held a forum on the forthcoming Changsha network about the car policy, the delegates speak freely. The meeting revealed that at present, the number of public buses Changsha city of about 5170 units, sites throughout Changsha everywhere, otherwise, inter city subway, long-distance class line, maglev, the traditional car rental has 8166 units, each platform registered more than 420 thousand taxi booking network. This means that the current number of vehicles in Changsha is about 51.5 times the number of traditional taxi. In October 27th, Changsha formally issued the "Changsha network rental car rental business management rules for the implementation of the" (Draft) (Draft) by the end of November 15th. According to the draft, the network access conditions about the car "vehicle wheelbase 2650 mm above the purchase price for tax or vehicles in more than 120 thousand yuan, not set limit vehicle access threshold. "The proposal to change the" vehicle wheelbase 2650 mm above the taxable price and the purchase of vehicles in more than 120 thousand yuan, "or to" the axle distance of not less than 2.7 meters or vehicle price of 150 thousand yuan or more." At the forum, delegates that the Hunan ryujo taxi company. Tianjin red taxi company representatives believe that the life of the threshold should also be added. The first steam car about the delegates that the network about cars should adhere to the "quality service, location difference management", the formation of differentiated competition and cruising taxi. Consumers on behalf of MS Ho said that she is most concerned about security issues, the net about car access threshold, should be within 2 years from the date of purchase, so that there is security. Drops, excellent step: actively cooperate with the new deal after the meeting, the reporter contacted the drops of travel and excellent step. Every travel relevant responsible person said that the draft, Changsha not too demanding in the household, the vehicle wheelbase, displacement etc., by travel will actively cooperate with the municipal government to further strengthen the management of Changsha. Excellent step Changsha relevant staff said that the draft policy is more inclusive, after the implementation of the new deal, will be strictly enforced. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xiao Yanggui)相关的主题文章: