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CCTV Spring Festival Gala which sports people: Women’s volleyball? Fu Yuanhui? Sun Yang? Beijing – 2017 CCTV Spring Festival evening chicken entered the countdown stage for the program, Chinese women’s volleyball team, "the girl", "Fu Yuanhui Sun Yang and good gay friend Malone and Zhang Jike, have become popular for Spring Festival debut. In the end who can meet with the audience in the new year, and what kind of way to show the style of sports people, it is worth looking forward to. – reporter Mi Xiaofang unveiled the Gala has traditional sports stars and the Spring Festival has its roots. 1984 table tennis world champion Li Furong and Zhang Xielin first CCTV Spring Festival Gala, after the sports people often appear in the Spring Festival evening party, the Chinese women’s volleyball team, gymnastics team, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team, the gymnastics team, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, in the process of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the…… "Gala" is considered a state for a recognized occupation spirit of the athletes, boarded Gala sports people, without exception, are outstanding outstanding achievements in major international competitions in the previous year. 2009 Spring Festival, the Beijing Olympic Games China Cai Zhenhua, deputy head of the delegation, led more than 50 Olympic Games, Paralympic athletes appeared in the live stage, it is a huge lineup for the annual Spring Festival Gala in sports. In addition to the hard indicators, now on the Spring Festival Evening Standard is also quietly changing. 2014 fresh swimming little meat Ning Zetao invited to attend the Spring Festival in 2015, although due to various reasons did not take place, but he also created by the "red" and invited the precedent. Ning Zetao handsome appearance, perfect figure and high popularity, he has been invited to the largest capital. This year, the Rio Olympic Games biggest net red foreworld girl "Fu Yuanhui has also received the Spring Festival Gala invitation. "From the perspective of the unit, without prejudice to the case of training is to agree with her to participate in the Spring Festival gala." Fu Yuanhui belongs to the Zhejiang sports Career Technical College Office official said, but the matter needs to agree with the consent of Fu Yuanhui. Fu Yuanhui had earlier due to participate in the Asian Games do not consider the Spring Festival evening thing, and now two gold in the hands of the Asian Championships, the original girl, the day before yesterday responded that: listen to the leadership arrangements! I did not rise to such a high level, I can not sing, can not dance, not a show……" As for the Chinese women’s volleyball team and Lang Ping, there are people proud of the results, coupled with ultra-high popularity, so that they look forward to. What is the performance of sports stars on the Spring Festival Gala, showing talent, but also to improve the outside world of sports stars and the attention of the project. However, different forms of appearance, the impression left to the people and the impact is not the same. The German teacher Schlappner although not to Chinese football will bring substantial changes, but as the first national football coach in the spring on the ocean, he really was a fire. The Spring Festival in 1993, and Feng Gonghe said "auction" comic took Schlappner’s white hair said, "this hair is Chinese uncle Shi in white, white is to Chinese football, we want him to stay forever in Chinese." After a herd of Feng Gong as if it were raining flowers fudge, a white hair Schlappner, and ultimately to 50 thousand yuan turnover". In 1997, Lining, Li Dashuang, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.相关的主题文章: