CCTV exposing new online shopping brush single chop hand to see the truth matters needing attention

CCTV exposing new online shopping brush single chop hand to see the truth note online shopping has a major characteristic, can not see the real. So, what will you decide to buy or not to buy? Many people will say, look at other people’s evaluation and sales of goods. But do you know? The evaluation about your buying decision and sales, there is a catch, doorway. Look at the reporter’s investigation. Transfer promotion praise "grafting" high-value goods online shopping has many years of experience in senior buyers Ms. Zhang said, Mr. Chen met in fact is a new type of brush single – and with sales of cheap products brush high single product sales, then the same goods on the shelves for higher value-added products, and through genuine praise to confuse the public. Online shopping buyers Ms. Zhang said, online often have a number of special items of goods, the price of the package even courier costs are not back. In the delivery of these goods often have such a business card package, not only the seller of the shop to build a group of buyers to brush their own single, there are such a professional brush organization. Ms. Zhang demonstrated this brush, she recently in Taobao online orders to buy a special offer USB fan, this marked the original price of 5 yuan fan was free shipping delivery price is only 2 yuan, received the goods with a piece of praise back now 1 yuan card, give praise after Ms. Zhang is equivalent to only spent 1 yuan to get this fan. Just three or four days later, and then open the link, you can see the inside of the goods have been replaced by a $480 learning machine, and the monthly sales of thousands of comments area is also a piece of praise. As part of the shop in the market foothold "brush" praise praise brush "approach to renovation, so that consumers impossible to guard against. But in fact, this means of vicious competition, but also to a lot of shop operators feel helpless. Operating shop business for many years, said Liu, compared to the previous single orders, such as a single brush, and now there is a more realistic brush method, and the reason is that the current business platform for the virtual brush firmly grasp, the cost becomes high. Shop owner Liu: now with the traditional way of single brush, brush may be a single to seven or eight or even dozens of dollars, so now do the most, it becomes a vicious vicious competition in the deformation brush. This is more than a single brush more bad behavior, the cost of the brush is obviously lower than the cost of the promotion, the introduction of a more real than the brush empty sales, squeeze the normal business people’s living space. According to reports, up to tens of millions of online businesses, in order to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, must compete for business platform website by consumers more easily see the location, or select the higher cost of advertising platform, or in the aspects of sales, is trying to praise on the list. So, choose to shop more and more single brush, which makes other businesses had to follow up, even know it is poison. Online shopping how to distinguish brush? In fact, for scalping problems, many electronic business platform through transactions cleared, down the right way to strengthen the fight against the title. However, in the face of the ever-changing pattern of single brush,.相关的主题文章: