Carp stomach will move noodles turned out to be nearly a meter long parasite (video) w32dasm

Carp stomach will move "noodles" turned out to be nearly a meter long for poultry parasites to weight gain, profiteers will give them filled in food into the sediment, then the 27 day, members of the public to reflect that we buy, carp belly, even filling noodle shape, is also in order to gain weight? 26 in the morning, Ms. Lu bought two live carp, in the market unexpectedly, killing end unexpectedly found in the belly of the fish, there are noodles like monster, pull out nearly 1 meters long. Ms. Lu, the more the more terrible, if the baby to eat, the baby’s body to eat bad how to do. Carp stomach "noodles" weight to fill? So, what exactly is this monster? The reporter then found the fish stall. Aquatic operators said it was impossible to gain weight and plug into the noodles, stuffed fish will die, it should be a parasite. Stall said, because now people buy fish, most of them generation kill, fish parasites, stalls outside the public is difficult to notice. Experts said that this is the tongue tapeworm, also known as "worm", will be parasitic in the human body, in the north more, the contaminated fish, found in this situation, it is best not to eat. If there is no fish cooked food, or can ligula intestinalis parasites in the human body of the. Whether there are parasites on fish, with the fish species, growth environment, parasitic precautions are related. Buy fish, to note that there is no red fish, there is no strange abdominal swelling, fins, eyes and other parts are different, if any, that may have parasites. Today’s hot recommendation: [Suzhou] Journal of crab who lived 18 years ago by heaven water generation villa eat watermelon pijao car smashed a big hole to find those high-altitude parabolic bank teller machines in this mysterious man not to withdraw the money converted ATM cancer mother hemoptysis sicker daughter to keep the woman with license withholding money they have been deducted 21 points in Jiangsu Province Tourism Bureau unannounced visits to check Suzhou 4 4A level scenic spots have been warned相关的主题文章: