Can’t recognize! Loura is fat and Chen together mycoolboy

Can’t recognize! Loura is fat and Chen together? The elephant: Hu Yifei, oh no, loura photo is this. At first glance, can still see this is loura, but the face swollen, the state is not good! (source: logo) and a "love apartment" in contrast, said fat is a bit far fetched, after all there is a small waist is not? Look at the loura latest Reuters map, in the new program by fans to capture the photo is so, it seems the body some meat, and the photo above face is not bad. The airport is a little better, but it’s not the same as the one we saw in Hu Yifei! At the same time make us confused and mika. In April this year to attend the event, the face is this state. Oh gosh, that silly this and my impression of the Mika how differently? Indeed, Li Jinming’s close range HD figure is very attractive, but… But in the "love apartment" in the US who is also very attractive, only to face more natural point? I also look at Li Jinming recent drama stills, inside of her long and hard in this case as Li Jinming was retouchers repair is not a bit like her… Well, this one is Li Jinming, a little bit of a face Kathy Chow, I don’t know why… She went to micro-blog to see, micro-blog found her photos or Mika like ah! Before the "love apartments away", Yijingyizha expression can still see the mika! So loura and Li Jinming’s face is how is it? How sometimes OK sometimes not OK? But once Ceng Xiaoxian began to horizontal development, unveiled last week when bazaar Charity Night, they were all that fat! And Ceng Xiaoxian period to compare, word mom, obviously there is a contrast to hurt! Can you see it from Ben Ben? In the first quarter of the fourth quarter: Chen Chen: it seems Zeng Xiaoxian food improved year by year, "love 5" if shooting, Hu a sign of Ceng Xiaoxian in the first sentence, you can be fat with this death like! The protagonist is suction eye three more or less some changes, regardless of "love 5" also shoot do not shoot, these before all could not return to the way… When it comes to "love 5" ah, can wait until what time really is perhaps even a screenwriter and director once said when it down Li Jinming in early April also baked a self timer, anticipates the drama students can see, this is Hu Yifei home. No in season, that what the word "love" can not see ah? However, this is just a shot outside it, excited for a long time is oolong! However, the above is now a few of the state to shoot the "love 5", or someone to Tucao, right? To lose weight, "(like _ person) with long press image recognition of two-dimensional code key attention相关的主题文章: