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UnCategorized A trip down history lane to 1910 will help one appreciate the Brandy Alexander cocktail even more. 1910, of course, is the time of the prohibition in the United States. The sale of alcohol is officially banned, although there are many places one could buy it illegally. One of those places is known as "Gay White Way," in New York, so named because of the white lights that line the lively street. A wide array of people frequent this two mile long area, starting at Madison and ending at Times Square, lit by white lights giving the area its name. They include New York’s most elite, those earning money on Wall Street, who frequent the area to see the new song and dance shows that are opening in the many theaters that are opening in the area, soon to be known as Broadway. There are also show girls that are in the area earning their living in these new shows. Also in the area are prostitutes trying to earn their living. In the area are panhandlers and con artists looking to earn an easy buck at others expense. Except for the panhandlers and con artists, these people had their own evening routine. They would stop for drinks at one of the popular taverns that lined the street. Then go on to see one of the popular shows. After the show they would go to one of the lobster’s palaces for more drinks and fresh lobster. Then many would take the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad home. One of the most popular lobster houses was Rector’s, with its friendly bartender Troy Alexander. The restaurant was well known for its great parties and when the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad wanted to give a glitzy party, it was the logical choice. The railroad had created a fictional character known as Phoebe Snow to show how clean their trains were. No longer was it necessary to ride on the nasty dirty coal fired trains. Mr. Alexander decided that in honor of the party that he should create a special cocktail. A white cocktail in honor of Phoebe Snow and the company’s clean white image. Working at different combinations, he finally arrived at the Brandy Alexander, which he named after himself. While Phoebe Snow and Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad have faded from memory, the Brandy Alexander cocktail remains as a reminder of this glitzy time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: