Blizzard died 18 years ago, the king of the clan fans now revive it sayu-02

Blizzard died 18 years ago, the king of the clan fans now revive it in the late 90s of last century, in view of the "Warcraft" in the world’s hot, Blizzard wants to extend the IP to more game types. So called "Warcraft: the (Warcraft Adventures: Lord of Clans)" adventure game was put on the development of the case. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the game was canceled 18 years ago blizzard. Look forward to the players who have no regrets. And now, the Russian game player Reidor yourself, actually will be "Warcraft: the clan king" successfully completed, and have all the cutscenes and voice. For this game, Blizzard wants to Sal from the perspective of the interpretation of a great adventure story in the game after the collapse, the adventure story eventually became the novel of the same name "Warcraft: clan king" content. "Warcraft: Lord of the Clans" novels for the fans continue making the game, beginning as early as 2011 this project has been carried out, then in the YouTube game maker began uploading various cutscenes. Producer Reidor says the game is a gift for all Blizzard fans. But, of course, Blizzard will accept this violated the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Law) of rice products, is still unknown. The monk in thrall if you are interested in this game, may wish to go to download the game to try: Baidu SkyDrive HD video picture: (end)相关的主题文章: