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Health A bidet is a perfect loving partner of hygiene. People nowadays are more conscious about hygiene and much health conscious. Many people go with the new trend and the latest technology for all the needs. We look for what fits good in our house and then we choose the product according to our taste. The Handheld shower with the new trend in the bathrooms which is the perfect partner of hygiene. Now BIDET4ME has products SH 436 and SH 546 can be the perfect bidet for you. The Bidet4me product SH 436 is a leading innovative model handheld shower, which is guided by a handheld shower head set, which can be attaches to your tub stream which can create an immediate shower. This is a perfect shower for bathing for the children, washing pets and cleaning the tub. Let us look into the functions of this product. You can use them in three ways of this handheld shower which can be saturating, message and saturating + message. It offers a stylish profile and a nice metal face. It comes with the latest technology in water saving, helps in saving up to 30% of water. It is easily and quickly connected to your tub stream with slip on rubber connector grip. There is no need of any tools for installation You do not require no handy mans help It is easy to install and quick to use. Let us talk about another product of BIDET4ME SH-546 with the latest innovative handheld shower with a head set, which are attached to your tub stream and it will create an immediate shower. This could be a prefect shower for the bathing children. This SH 546 product as come up with five refreshing spray setting such as Aeration, Saturating, massage, Saturating+ Aeration and Saturating + Massage. It offers a fashionable profile and a metal face. Water saving technology helps you to at least 30% of water. It can be connected easily and quickly to your tub spout with slip-on rubber connector grips. No need of tool while installation. It is very easy to install and use. You do not need any handy mans help. All these products are made to support your family member. It is more personal hygiene to you and your family member. It saves water up to 30% with the latest technology. For further details log on to .bidet4me.. and place your order now. About the Author: essentials of hair: what it’s, how it grows, what procedure fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, how it grows, what process principles of hair: what it is, how it grows, what procedure principles of hair: what it can be, how it grows, what system 相关的主题文章: