Best Contact Strategy For Closing More Leads Examples Debt Settlement Leads & Solar Leads

Business We use numbers from a Velocify Study which you can find on their blog We also used two separate lead types as examples in this article. Solar leads and Debt Settlement leads. Ultimately, no matter what industry your business serves and the kind of leads you require, the uniting factor for any business ,who buys leads, is being able to close these leads. It is a vital aspect of the .pany’s operation and success. Other factors such as locating new clients, marketing to them and offering superior services to the .petition is necessary as well. Once you purchase solar leads, or debt settlement leads, it is necessary to know the best method for contacting these leads that will increase your chances of getting their business. If you don’t analyze your contact strategy and utilize the best method, it leaves your leads susceptible to external .petition, which is only going to result frustration and a loss of revenue for your business. Response Time The response time for following up with leads is part of any successful strategy. When a .pany receives solar leads or debt settlement leads, it is necessary to make contact as soon as possible. In fact, contacting them as soon as possible is going to boost the likelihood of them using the offered services by up to 400%. With every minute that passes, the percentage drops significantly, as they are on the market for longer. In fact, by simply waiting 30 minutes, the almost 400% conversion percentage drops down to 62%, and by 24 hours, this drops all the way down to 17% according to a study done by Leads360. Persistence Is Key Staying persistent is very important for contacting these solar leads or debt settlement leads. Studies suggest an individual is 48% more likely to switch to the caller’s service after the first call. However, this jumps all the way up to 70% after the second call. An upward climb continues as the third call equals an 81% of conversion, while a fourth call is 86 %, a fifth call is 90%, and a sixth call is 94% – As you can see from these numbers, staying on top of the lead is essential to closing the deal. Email Simply calling an individual through the debt settlement lead or solar lead is not enough. Not all individuals respond to emails the same way, and many actually prefer to receive and correspond through emails. Because of this, it is necessary for any business to both call a possible client and email them. By emailing an individual on the very first day, the recipient is 49% more likely to use the service than if they didn’t receive an email. Of course, emails have a way of being lost, especially if the client’s email mailbox has a spam filter. This is why following up with the individual is so important. A second email should go out around the fourth day, as this adds an additional 85% to the conversion potential, a third email should go out the eighth day, a fourth on day 15 and a fifth on day 22. If a lead does not respond after four emails and six phone calls, they are likely not going to respond at all, at which point the employee should move onto the next lead. When it .es to responding to leads and closing on potential deals, it is very important for a business to move as quickly as possible. The faster the .pany is and the more persistence they show, the greater the chance the .pany will close their debt settlement and solar leads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: