Beijing Tianjin Hebei pension pilot Yan 6 years reach city are still losing membership suspected of invictus gaming

Beijing Tianjin Hebei pension pilot Yan 6 years reach city are still losing membership suspected of touching the legal red line of Beijing Tianjin Hebei pension pilot Yanda International Health City cost recovery time by Jin Shuni Yanda group investment in the construction of Yanda International Health City as Beijing Tianjin Hebei pension pilot units of concern. China business reporter recently interviewed by the field survey learned that Yan Da International Health City since 2010 opening and operation of the state is still at a loss. The project marketing director Li Donghui in an interview with this reporter, said: "if you take the money, plus construction money, maintenance center is not profitable, in fact not only swallow up the maintenance center, any project can not be profitable." The cost of the recovery is expected to be 12~15 years in the international health city (hereinafter referred to as "health city") is located in Beijing, east of Yanjiao, with a total investment of about 15 billion yuan, the construction of two phases. Healthy city by Yanda International Hospital, Yanda golden age nursing center (hereinafter referred to as the "maintenance center"), the Institute of medicine and medical training school, the International Conference Center, Yanda International Hospital is composed of six plates. An average width of about 60 meters between the hospital and Conservation Center, about 700 meters, with a total area of more than 4 square meters of the river strip park will be kept and healing separated. Yanda hospital a total construction area of about 520 thousand square meters, a total of 3000 beds, one has been built 1000 beds, the hospital is equipped with a large medical examination of 500 row dynamic gem CT and the 64 row CT, 3.0T, double C type magnetic resonance angiography machine and equipment operation arm. The maintenance center covers an area of 207.43 acres, a total investment of 3 billion 233 million yuan, the project location for providing high-end pension services, non self-care for the elderly care center, self-care function building, elderly care rehabilitation centers, day care centers, remote medical and health center, health management center construction of the main plate. Maintenance center has 12000 beds, at present, a period has been built 2300, more than 1600 elderly people. Two projects under construction, completed in 2018. Li Donghui said that for the elderly, medical resources is one of the most urgent needs. "Medical support combined with" full care community "is the two characteristics of health city. Healthy city is currently six blocks apart from the school of medicine, has not yet developed, other parts have been put into use at the end of 2010. The six plates involved in medicine, nursing, support, research, health and other fields, each plate support each other, complement each other. Yanda hospital to provide medical care for the elderly residential maintenance center, medical training institute and Yanda hospital to provide personnel support for the maintenance center, Institute of medical research is the scientific research and technical support, maintenance center in turn to the hospital delivery with Yanda Guobin Hotel providing support services for hospitals and families of the maintenance center. The operation and maintenance center on the whole health city, Li Donghui that need to include construction costs and does not contain cost two cases to be treated differently. If you take the money to get the money to build, maintenance center is not profitable, not only swallow up conservation center, any one project will not achieve profitability." Li Donghui theory相关的主题文章: