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Beauty even steal 9 rich family supermarket only to satisfy the possessive (Figure) – Beijing northeast network September 13th news (reporter Lei Lei) in September 3rd 16 PM, Ning’an City Public Security Bureau police brigade squadron received a warning Ning supermarket owners called the supermarket, moon cake, sausage, Macao orange, nutrition express goods stolen, stolen goods worth a total of about 180 yuan. After receiving the report, a squadron of police immediately investigate the case. Monitoring the process of shooting women. Monitoring the process of shooting women. After investigation, video visits Mopai, a clothing fashion, beautiful young woman entered the police handling of sight, surveillance video inside the supermarket clearly recorded her crime process. After work, police investigators confirmed that the suspect lived in a village of a town in Ning’an City Liu, immediately dispatched to the. 21 o’clock that night, the police received a clue to return to the home of Liu, then went to his arrest, and seized stolen goods in his home. After the trial, the suspect 30 year old Liu truthfully confessed in September 3rd 10, 12, two time of theft in the supermarket moon cake, sausage, Macao, orange beverage items such as the facts of crime. After further digging, Liu suspects also confessed in July 6th, July 26th and August 25th three days, has a total of 7 times to enter the supermarket theft cake, apples, sweet potatoes, sausage, drinks, biscuits, bread and other goods totaling more than 300 yuan of the facts of crime. According to the police, Liu a few years ago to marry, now it is has a mother, rich family, harmonious life. Liu confessed to stealing food in the supermarket, not because of the shy, but to satisfy their own possessive. At present, the suspect Liu has been under criminal detention.相关的主题文章: