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Baron Chen Cheng Lizhi star     domineering staged press Party — entertainment channel — actor Baron Chen Baron Chen recently, want to participate in mango TV love reality show "the golden Bachelor", once again stand on the public opinion about the life background in the teeth of the storm, the news has been constantly bachu. Giants who provoke public attention on domineering press party Baron Chen has been known as the "Black Prince", because of its reputation in the "father of Taiwan Mafia Godfather Chen Qili, Taiwan’s largest gangs, the spiritual leader of the former leader bamboo union. The Baron Chen story broke the news is nothing more than "Underworld background", "top two rich generation" large network like, and Baron Chen himself for his family has been relatively low-key. The same as the "big two rich generation" Wang Sicong is the darling of the public opinion, Wanda Group as the young prince ye, Wang Sicong is Beijing MIPS Investment Limited company chairman, IG electronic sports club founder and director of the Wanda group. When the first sentence "my friends do not care if there is no money, anyway, I have no money" to follow the trend of a rhetoric cause network hot words, Wang Sicong has also won the "letter of the husband". Because often published sharp speech at micro-blog, Wang Sicong also was friends known as the "Red Net", and the girlfriend is the private network has also been friends laugh red, "running the girlfriend, iron red net". Different from Wang Sicong "network big coffee" became popular, another big rich two generation Qin Fen is no rains it pours". In April 2015 thirty million, Ferrari was scrapped, site owners to play mobile phone calm "news let Qin Fen high-profile appearance in public. Qin Fen Fen Shanghai Rong investment company chairman, KING electronic athletics and basketball club investors, as a rich young master and Wang Sicong personally. Scrap car accident, Qin Fen didn’t care, and some friends broke the news earlier Qin Fen also because of the car accident was scrapped a limited edition of Porsche, micro-blog also often get luxury cars and private jets, make friends Marvel "nouveau riche is capricious". Give up the sons of the rich heritage of Baron Chen staged inspirational start empty-handed different fate compared with these two rich generation, also born giants Baron Chen slightly bitter experience. When Baron Chen was 3 years old, his parents divorced, grandparents raised their hands, and did not enjoy the love of their parents. As the eldest son of Chen Qili, Baron Chen died in his father’s death to inherit the legacy of up to 2 billion 100 million, claiming that I believe that only with the father left the thoughts and words, I can create everything I want." Baron Chen after military service start empty-handed, enter the entertainment circle, starred in "I love you" as decreed by fate, "jam", "Horizon moon knife" and many other movies and television. Baron Chen is now the idol drama hot actor, and on the road to fame he had played a number of unknown small role, to become an inspirational representative of the entertainment industry. After entering the entertainment industry, Baron Chen has kept a low profile on his family background, until the appearance of his father’s funeral, the two generation of the identity of the back exposure. Get rid of the shackles of life background, Baron Chen inspirational staged a different fate of the wealthy children. (commissioning editor: Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: