Baoshan District is now modified van refueling night can earn more than one thousand yuan a night

Baoshan District is now a converted van refueling vehicle can earn one thousand yuan by evening welcome to Oriental pager, I was a reporter Zhang Yi. Oriental paging hotline 62706270 days before Mr. Li received calls, reflect the Baoshan District Yangtze River Road, near the song Toro, a late night van privately modified refueling vehicle infested. [the evening to see him, in a sneaky way, 11 points to 3, I received one, 5 dollars a liter, his van inside their own modifications, the rear seats were removed, installed a specially installed oil. "11 pm, reporters came to the Yangtze River Road, Shanghai Tong Road, saw no street lighting a street along, parked a white van with a foreign license; just finished oil plus the taxi leaves. Is it cheaper to come here? Five block. Just looking for a few laps. You are very subtle. Have you found it. Now is to investigate illegal transport. Isn’t this gonna explode? No, gasoline is not afraid of high temperature. ] cigarette dangling from the owner opened the door and saw the bread, the car rear seat has been removed, the white plastic tank filled with two of indomitable spirit 92 gasoline; the car battery, connect a digital meter with gas gun. Smell a smell of oil. (open the door) wow! That’s so big, two barrels This is not much, more than 1 thousand liters, less than two thousand. This gun is right, right? His gas station… You point a cigarette (oh no? (Guan Mensheng)) my gun is 100 liters to play out of 102 liters, if not, they do not add a taxi ah. Two barrels, a gun, that is all of this underground gas station refueling equipment; and purchase channels, it is incredible to say: [(where did you come from?) Military road depot. Oil is good, the inside of the oil tank, there are votes are. We’re going to get a lot of that, right? This doesn’t matter. They also have sales. Look for a car, the ticket is good, ask someone to help you mention, sent to the home can be. Place to have a place to put. They started ten tons, a liter down is about $4, if he is good if the oil is 3 pieces of 7. Then, the owner also talked about the marketing strategy, target customers: [gas station down 10 Fen we dropped by $10 Fen, gas station down by 20 Fen we drop by 20 fen. I earn the money, there are more than 1 tons of more than more than and 100 liters of money. Many luxury cars are in the oil, the best car is Martha Lahti. How can it be added to this oil? He told me in front of him, and I’ll bring him 98. 98 gas station is 6 pieces of 8 wool, I brought him to be 5 pieces of 9, 8. Do they still care about the money? He’s a driver. He drives his boss. Talk about profit, and risk coexist. Can you go out tonight? Sure。 Can you earn one thousand dollars a night? More than one thousand pieces? This is quite a windfall, right? Take the risk ah, according to the provisions of the police station to see if the oil is to be confiscated, detained for 5 days. But in front of the interests of the owners chose to rush into danger. He said,.相关的主题文章: