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Poll Says American Youth Waning On Christianity – Secularism Edges Forward-pr011.msi

Religion If we put two coins on a table, one new and shiny but only worth its face value and another that is old worn and dull, which one will a child pick if they are told to choose one for themselves? You guessed it; they will always choose the shiny new coin. Youthful idealism sees the pristine and shiny condition of the coin compulsively. The other coin could be a priceless rare mint but a child hasnt the knowledge or the patients to search for the truth that might lead them to discover this highly important difference. In todays system of education and learning we still appeal to youthful idealism and that compunction to choose the shiny and new. The only difference today is that with the emergence of all that is called or related to political correctness the thrust of secular humanisms teaching is based only on what has been proscribed, slanted or wholly founded on a Godless world view. More than a trend this has become the order of the day. It has become that authority that is conspicuously overlooked even as the young are urged to question all authority. The call to question authority is a two sided blade and the greatest danger to a completely Godless system of education. Some of those told to question all authority will question the government mandated Dewey system of modern education and will inevitably discover that the drive for academic excellence or grade point averages or future security was missing something they cannot live without. When some of those individuals find the morality, the character and the God who demands it they will not only feel betrayed and robbed, they will also become his best examples. To the world they will look like sheep but in their willingness to hold their lives up against any other way they become Gods lions. In the latest Barna Report issued in October 2007 a disturbing trend is noted among American youth between the ages of 16 and 29. The report says that this group is less inclined to see Christianity as a viable and attractive religion. Some of the reasons stated are that Christianity is old fashioned, hypocritical, too judgmental and overly involved in politics. As for old fashioned that may very well be a compliment. Christ said that heaven and earth would pass away but his words will abide forever. Throwing out the old has no more promise than cutting down old trees. It doesnt make our world any better and the Chinese revolution under Mao could serve as one perfect example of this fact. Our youth have been robbed of one supremely important fact regarding Gods word or instructions for humanity. Put simply, his word is not ancient or modern but is in a realm known as eternal. The inclination to believe that all that is new just has to be true is exploited in todays young because the motive or desire of secularism is to have youth pick the shiny coin every time. The secular world view would be gone overnight if this were not so. That Christianity is viewed as hypocritical is not surprising. The young of this generation follow the same proclivities as those of all other preceding generations. Seeing the world and its various classes and social segments through the lens of youthful idealism always produces the same result when reality sets in over time, disillusionment. Shiny coins grow dull in a very short time when left exposed. The secular humanist cannot afford to teach their students or proselytes that hypocrisy is a world wide human condition and not something generated by or exclusive to Christianity. Every religion, profession, calling, discipline or philosophy has its hypocrites. This fact neither disproves the aforementioned nor establishes them. Christianity isnt about the revered saints juxtaposed against the faltering wannabes. It is about Jesus Christ, the consummate example and the only litmus test. He could not be charged with any sin or hypocrisy. If we hold our selves up to his example we would not dare to compare ourselves to others. There is something about the business of noting hypocrites that is in it self quite hypocritical. Noting dangerous trends and errors for the sake of positive correction is not the same as noting the personal faults of others. The hypocrisy of noting hypocrisy is clearly seen in this verse from Lukes gospel The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.(Lk 18:11) In America today the call for personal responsibility has nearly been replaced by a demand for our personal rights. It is unfortunate that one of those rights is not the demand for personal responsibility. Youth demands that humanity tells the truth and does whats right. Oh really! With a feel good morality making its debut along with the ever popular lie if it gets the job done attitude in every strata of todays society it seems that there is a huge discrepancy between the demand and the supply. Oh, that the demanders should become the suppliers. One of the most well known stories of the New Testament finds Jesus being asked to choose between keeping the old law given by Moses to stone adulterers or create some new rule of his own to deal with the problem. If he chose Moses law the religious folk would have been delighted. Christ was here to show the world the power of grace and mercy so his well known answer shook the very foundations of religion forever. He essentially said, OK stone her (woman caught in adultery) into eternity, but let the first stone be hurdled by a sinless person. No one threw a single stone and in a slow but orderly fashion the crowd began to disperse. Orderly; yes, one of the most un-noticed aspects of the retreat was the order in which the crowd dispersed. The oldest in the crowd left first and the youngest were the last to go. (Jn 8:9) It takes no great mind to understand that the elders had long since abandoned the notion of an idealistic world where anyone including the religious had no sin to their credit. Mercy prevailed and with it the lesson that it isnt the perfection of mankind, religious or not that God is asking us to see. Looking for this hyper idealistically driven fantasy is a sure path to disappointment. Secular humanism dare not tell their students this fact and their charges will always pick the shiny coin as expected. American youth think Christianity is too judgmental according to the results of the Barna poll. But both the Barna report and just about any other report are now noting that the criticism is based largely on the Christian biblically derived stand against the acceptance of the gay life and transgenders. That stand could also be complimentary if properly understood. The immutability of Gods will is a well defined and recurrent theme of the Bible. If tampered with it would surely put those doing the tampering into the other group youth disdain namely, the hypocrites. In the simplest sense of the matter, you cant have it both ways! Most believers are not the slightest bit ashamed of standing firm in what God says about todays emerging morality. Gods displeasure, personal self respect and history itself would witness against any believer who is swayed by the loose morality of the day. Changing our morality to fit the politically correct version of the day would cause our worship of God to be a mere vanity. In a national climate already inundated with ersatz, narcissism, vanity, pop culture nonsense and media fired tripe, who would willingly pull their feet off the only unmovable object left in the world, Jesus the Rock of our Salvation? He said Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Mk 7:7) As for too involved in politics Christianity would be remiss in every way if it looked the other way while evil men and women just floated to the top of civil power without resistance. Ancient prophets who lost their lives for speaking against evil rulers, martyrs who were torn limb from limb for admitting that the Roman emperor was not their sovereign king and believers who are martyred and incarcerated in todays Muslim and Hindu nations would be grievously dishonored by believers who left affairs of state completely in the hands of the wispy trended few. Far more disturbing than the opinion of the youth who can only see the shiny new penny is the report that up to 87 percent of those polled said they could see no major difference between Christianity and any other major religion. Secular humanisms call to political correctness, tolerance and diversity has made great strides among the youth of this generation. These accomplishments only lend full credence to the idea that if you voice something long enough it begins to take on an air of truth. The differences are so overwhelmingly apparent as to leave any attempt at comparison in a hopeless state of absurdity. No religion, Islam, Buddhism, or Hindu has a Savior that died for the sins of the world. None that returned from the dead and none that promises a Savior who will also return as reigning judge and King. This is the part of Christianity that makes the world squirm. A final judgment implies a final and totally authoritative judge. This is unacceptable to both unbelievers and the irreligious. These facts are referred to as the gospel or the good news. It is also the bad news for those who choose to accept the morality of the day. No wonder it is so hated denied and refused. In the end, the gospel will make it all the way to the end whether it is believed or not. It is the priceless well worn coin that only the discerning, the wise and the called will choose. About the Author: Rev Bresciani is the author of two books. He also is a columnist for several online sites and magazines. His articles are read throughout the world. For more articles and news from around the globe visit "The Website for Insight" ..americanprophet.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

12 Self Storage Tips For Business

Business Unused office furniture, old equipment, excess inventory, product samples, office supplies, seasonal decorations, electronics and piles of archived paperwork tend to pile up over time, making day-to-day business operations more difficult. Public self storage units can provide convenient extra square footage at significantly less cost than .mercial or warehouse space. Many business owners make use of mini self storage not just for long-term, but also short-term solutions: During expansions, redecorating remodeling or downsizing your business When staging an office space to sell During relocations to help keep things running smoothly Storing seasonal furnishings such as outdoor kiosks, patio furniture, grills, etc. In preparation for trade shows / conventions Storing excess inventory for the holiday season These tips will help you maximize your investment both short and long term: Selecting a self storage unit and facility 1.Determine the amount of space needed Using an inventory list (see Tip #4 below), calculate the square footage you will need. Use Extra Spaces size estimator. Your storage needs may require one large storage unit, or several smaller storage units strategically located within an area. 2..pare cost per square foot Renting a self storage unit is generally quite a bit cheaper than leasing retail, office or warehouse space. When every square foot can be used for profit, for example in retail or restaurant space, the savings can be even greater. 3.Look into climate control Climate control uses central air conditioning and heat to keep the temperature and humidity level within the unit similar to the temperature in your office. Its a necessary extra cost if you will be storing .puters, copiers, printers, scanners and other electronic devices. Climate control is also important when storing furniture, important paperwork or pharmaceutical samples or anything else that may be damaged by extreme heat, cold or humidity. 4.Choose a location within the facility Balance convenient access with cost savings. If you will be accessing the unit regularly, consider a location closer to the entrance which may cost a bit more. Garage-door-style storage sheds and storage units that are climate-controlled will usually cost more than other units as well. Preparing to store in a public self storage unit 5.Keep an ongoing inventory – Make a list of all of the items youll be storing in your unit, and consider keeping a running inventory on a laptop, PDA or website that any employee who accesses the space can update easily. This not only helps with staying organized, but is important for insurance purposes. 6.Store documents and data safely – Always back up data using a couple different methods, and store backups in separate geographic locations. Fire safes should be considered for storing critical data and original documents. Password-protected CDs or DVDs can be used to store copies of documentation. 7.Pack electronic equipment properly If planning to store .puters and other electronic business equipment over the long term, avoid wrapping them in plastic which traps moisture, encouraging mildew and mold growth. Pack smaller devices with paper towels or newspaper in boxes, and use a cotton sheet or canvas as a cover for larger equipment to prevent dust buildup and allow for air circulation. 8.Go vertical Floor-to-ceiling shelving can be used in storage units to make good use of space (as long as they are not attached to walls, floors or ceilings). Stand office furniture on end for more vertical space as well. Getting the most out of your mini self storage facility 9.Save on moving transportation Some storage facilities have trucks available for rent or free use. 10.Deliveries Most facilities will receive deliveries on your behalf, notify you of the arrival, and hold packages for 24 hours. A standing hold harmless arrangement allows the facility staff to provide access to delivery .panies who can then unload shipments directly into your storage unit. 11.Billing Invoicing services are available from most storage facilities for convenient billing. 12.Be sure youre insured .mercial insurance policies may not provide sufficient coverage for stored items, or additional coverage may be expensive. Storage facilities frequently offer insurance that offer low cost / low deductibles and in-transit coverage that can function as supplemental coverage with a separate deductible. Self storage units can help keep things running smoothly during the ups and downs of business growth. Using these tips, and asking your storage facility manager for additional guidance, will allow you to focus less on storage over the long run, and more on your primary tasks. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: