Aston Martin Dbs Volante In

Automobiles I spy a hot set of wheels in Bangalore. Wondering which one? Aston Martin DBS Volante! Ever dreamt of zipping through the countryside in your dream car. Well of course you have – everyone can dream and plus its FREE! (Snap) Let’s get back to reality and I’ll tell you about the man who defies his age while he drives around the city in an awesome Aston! 7:30PM and I was still stuck at work! Of all the calls I had to attend, one lit my face up with a smile that was brighter than a new set of rims on a sports car! Sharath blurted through the phone: Prajin an Aston Martin DBS! In no time I ran out of office with my camera, hurling myself as fast as I could towards the street. Realisation dawned upon me when I saw it: this was my dream car! I was standing before a beautiful monster (I guess that’s what Neyo was singing about), whose howl is so loud that you can hear it crystal clear all the way down the street! If you put a stethoscope on this beast’s chest you will hear the heart of a lion. A 5935cc V12 that can pump 510bhp at 6500rpm and 570Nm of torque @5750rpm. This beast is of the g.eous breed – just looking at it will put a silly "I’m-in-love" smile on your face! Also, it’s a cabriolet with an electronically-controlled roof. How do you move it? Just press the button in the centre console – it’s down in 14 seconds. You can do this trick while you drive – just make sure you aren’t racing above 48km/h. Believe me, once youre inside the DBS, your blood will start rushing and all you will want is to press that magical start button called the "Emotion Control Unit". You can hit a top speed of 307km/h and also zip from 0-100 in just 4.3 seconds (go ahead and gasp – I did)! Let’s talk about how it moves like Jagger. The carmaker has equipped this Aston with Pirelli P-Zero tyres which have been developed especially for the car. It also has lightweight, aluminum 20" wheels! We put it on to the weighing scale and find that it’s pretty light. Diet you assume? No its thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber. The interior boasts carbon fiber, Alcantara leather and stainless steel and aluminum surfaces. The thrones are stamped with the DBS signature and feature semi aniline and Alcantara leather. If you want to live like James Bond – the DBS Volante is your ticket to it. It has Aston Martin’s power, beauty and soul in every inch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: