Anshan Haicheng a mall toilet and found the infant mouth inside a toilet paper (video)

Anshan Haicheng a mall toilet and found the infant mouth inside a toilet paper in the morning heard hurried knock on the door opened the door and saw a baby on the morning of 13, found an abandoned Haicheng City West Ryu Jin mall 3 floor Women’s Room basket. The cleaning staff found abandoned in the baby in the basket when cleaning, is just born, immediately to the police. Many well intentioned people to help the baby warm, and forwarding network, looking for abandoned parents. Mr. Gao said in the business market, the birth of a life, parents could not give her a warm home, do not use such an extreme way to give up this affection. "The child’s mouth stuffed with toilet paper" according to Ms. sun is responsible for cleaning in the mall, at about 9:30, she packed the Women’s Room, found bloodstains ground, immediately clean up, but I did not dare to believe that a live baby found in the basket. "I found out that I was running out, scared, and I wasn’t in the mood for lunch." Sun recalls the scene with abandoned toilet paper curled up in the basket, always make her xinxunanping. Another woman involved in the rescue, said the child’s mouth blocked toilet paper, later found that the child’s life may not be. The girl found the umbilical cord is not cut, she and another man wearing rubber gloves, put the baby out of the basket. We got the cardboard on the ground, looking for clothes shop in the above, so, in the aisle of the store, put up a temporary bed for baby". Mr. Gao said, there are many shopping malls selling clothing industry, the lack of clothing. The baby was taken out of the bathroom after her side is surrounded ten pieces of cotton, "basically all is new, to know the child after all, insulation, life is more important." Cause of pulmonary hypertension immediately rushed to the mall Xiliu hospital and Haicheng Hospital of the more than and 10 medical staff after hearing the news, the oral and nasal cleaning for the baby, and the oxygen. The baby was taken to hospital for treatment in the sea city, according to insiders, the baby into the incubator, the temperature at 34 degrees, can not always rise to the normal value, the heart rate is slow, the baby’s weight only 1600 grams, a preliminary analysis is premature, after being sent to the Anshan Maternal and Children’s Hospital for treatment. The hospital doctor found the baby breathing difficulties, examined and found to be cause of pulmonary hypertension, need oxygen. Currently, the baby vital signs stable. The baby’s parents will appear little guy was born was abandoned, but in stark contrast to the community of people who pray silently. A few of the Xiliu people love that information from the circle of friends, all the way to catch up, the milk and other baby supplies sent to the hospital, and is willing to provide more help for the baby. Haicheng in the WeChat circle of friends forwards abandoned the pictures or video, called for the child’s parents can stand out, participated in the rescue young lady voice slightly hoarse, angrily in the short video: her mom, I tell you, the child is not dead, hurried to the hospital! At the mall, there are rumors that have found abandoned the father, but as of press time, the reporter has not yet been exactly the parents of the baby appear. Currently, Haicheng police have launched an investigation on the case. > > > more snacks now]相关的主题文章: