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Damp and retro zebra with it is Home Furnishing collocation? With a gorgeous room, is not the most attractive with a copper frame with the big mirror, instead of the old clock, not dazzling crystal lamp, but the drift with the country breath zebra rug. ?? Simple style Home Furnishing to color must be installed in soft under great efforts. A living room with a bland original zebra carpet instantly soared several grades, black and white lines can be soft decoration and any other black and white color echoes, both all-match and style. Can you imagine that the elements of zebra stripes can be applied to tablecloths? With plants, animals, such as the angle of a little decorative ornaments, the moment there is a sense of the tropical rain forest! ?? Retro full taste of high back sofa, zebra attached to it will not work, but in the introverted temperament with a wild. In the bedroom, where are the zebra stripes? Let’s find out! Pillow, bed stool, carpet edge, decorative painting…… No large area of extravagant, scattered, invisible form echoes. ?? Sofa zebra, is probably the most eye-catching object the black room, to the space atmosphere dull Tim a lot of rich pattern. ?? Zebra and the earth color space seems very compatible, close to the natural element collocation together, work together to build up the closest natural scenery picture. ?? Zebra frame, is not look good cool ~?? a full set of zebra tableware! Do you want to have a set?相关的主题文章: