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Alyssa Chia’s daughter does not does not wear round frame glasses Minow dew smile does not does not leak milk teeth adorable adorable smile Minow milk teeth according to Taiwan media reports, the recent "4" program where Dad, Arale dressed exactly like Cui Yahan, many audiences, while Taiwan "minimum net red" does not also does not keep up with the trend, 5, and her mother Alyssa Chia learn to walk together, then wearing little round frame glasses, Arale turned. Does not add the breath does not, and her mother Alyssa Chia afternoon reading together, see black and white cat, could not help but open eyes staring at the cat, see God, mouth micro Zhang did not find. Static activities of the foot, does not start does not learn to walk, wearing little round box of large glasses, holding hands slowly step by step forward, very satisfied with his success step, looked small teeth smile, rest time still mouth sell adorable, cute. Fans watch does not does not in her mother’s arms from the baby until now will call my mom and Dad, also began to learn to walk, my heart is also a happy. Alyssa Chia announced that pregnant with third child, has revealed that the Indus sister has been very happy, really looking forward to the little sister was born, although does not and does not just over 1 years old, still do not understand what happened, but also will happily and belly interactive mother, one family are looking forward to new members.相关的主题文章: