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Always feel dry eyes, spicy eyes, use eye wash wash? Sohu health these days not heard a skill, it is said that the lost – blade eye wash, I was frightened to see. About the operation is the master with a razor in the upper and lower eyelids back to the Qing Dynasty, the blade attached to the eye across, and then take the iron round bar in the eyes sweep back and forth, clean eyes. The whole process lasted about 5 minutes, the eyes were tears, and then feel comfortable. Blade eye wash schematic picture from: hb.xinhuanet was washing eyes feel comfortable and effective, may be due to the blade wash eyes, clean up at the beginning of the meibomian gland clogged grease, stimulate the meibomian gland oil secretion, alleviate the symptoms of dry eye. But there are a lot of hidden dangers. The first is in case of improper operation, may cause direct damage to the eyes, such as scratching the cornea; secondly because the tool is used repeatedly, without standard disinfection, is not sterile, high risk of infection. In fact, in order to achieve the effect of stimulation of the meibomian gland, do not need to take such a big risk, to the hospital to do a meibomian gland massage can be. Simple and safe operation, then you can learn massage and nurse, later at home can be hot compress and then massage. In addition to eye wash method blade eye wash this relatively small minority, now there are many people in the wash solution with eye wash, does this work? Eye wash eye, it should be from the Japanese pop. There are a lot of eye wash in the Japanese market in the sale of third types of drugs in their home, you can buy without a prescription. Eyewash is generally composed of several relieve dry eyes, anti allergic ingredients, similar to the daily use of dry eye and visual fatigue eye drops. For some people, by washing the eyes can really play a certain role in cleaning the eyes, relieve symptoms. Eyewash schematic picture from the but need to pay attention to the following problems in the wash process: 1 what kind of person is 2 to buy qualified products because at present there is no approved eyewash, so many people are looking for the Japanese shopping, here to remind you not to buy fake. Some people save money or because of trouble, on their own free to take water to wash the eyes, here to remind you not to. Because the water of bacteria, not only may cause infection, but there are differences in tear water pH and osmotic pressure and we are normal, can cause eye discomfort. 3 note that the frequency of the eye because there is no such products, there is not enough clinical experience can refer to. However, it is not recommended to use frequently. The extra burden not only eye washing liquid containing preservatives may cause ocular surface, frequent use will tear secretion, tear film structure interference. The 4 is to pay attention to the infection due to eyewash generally need to complete with the lid and eye wash, the cover is repeatedly used for a long time, we should pay attention to avoid pollution, can be like a contact lens box with boiling water disinfection once a week. Wash eye with eye wash, in itself is not mysterious, in fact, very f相关的主题文章: